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Now that you have seen it, what did you think of Splice? What did you think of two rogue scientist breaking the bio-tech laws? Splice looks like a good slice of sci-fi, something the cinema has been lacking. Is it? Sarah Polley choices her projects carefully. Was Splice a good choice by her? She has never given the impression of choosing roles to cash-in. Splice has been described as a modern day Frankenstein tale, a great of the film – if true – in my book. Did you notice this aspect of the film while watching it. Leave your thoughts on Splice below.

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  • Deliciously disturbing… Find my full review here:


  • I thought that ugly alien thing in “Splice” was so creepy looking. I can't BELIEVE he won an Oscar for “The Pianist.”

  • Thank god. Good to hear.

  • Dren reminds me of the earlier experiments in the book Timeline. The Pianist was a great film. Who was his competition that year?

  • Screwedupfaery

    How could you think the creature was creepy looking??…I thought they made it look quite cute and cuddly 😉

  • Screwedupfaery

    I fully enjoyed this movie but did have a few problems with it…they referred to the experiment as cloning…hmmph…well it would've had to already exist to be cloned…and what species did they use???…they did go overboard with the stinger ( scorpion?)…gills and fins ( amphibious???)….and since when would scientists not know that she didn't have gills…they created her…geez..and she morphed too much…as a child, her head resembled a rabbit's, then, when she's grown, voila!, she has lips, and that pointed tongue???…what's that??? ( a bird???)..although, I did think her legs always resembled that of an ostrich…but wow could she jump:)..then finally she morphs into a male..wow…does her morphing not end??..btw, it looked quite hot as a male but where does the flying come from???..from fins to feathered wings???…oh well..somebody better do some reading up on real experiments about hybrids.

  • Cloning. Because they replicated already existing DNA but made exact copies of it.

    The scientists not studying Dren's physiology closely and in detail was highly questionable and would never happen.

    Children look one way as children then another as adults. It happens all the time.

    I liked the ostrich legs as well.

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