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What did you think?: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Now that you have seen it, what did you think of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Did you find this part of The Twilight Saga to be the most serious of the series? Did the CGI improve? Who were you rooting for I the film, the good guys or the bad guys? Now that characters that hate each have joined forces against a common enemy, has the storyline improved? Maybe the storyline is why I have not seen the film yet…or its the fact that there are better vampire movies out there. Leave your thoughts on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse below.

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  • Lew1

    I saw it yesterday and it is the best one out of all 3. The cgi was 100% better and just an all round good film. They kept as true to the book as possible IMO the only downside was the end fight seen even though it was really good it could have just been a little longer.

  • The Twihards most be thrilled. Glad the cgi was improved. Did you see the werewolf vs. vampire fight on True Blood?

    How does it compare to that?

  • Lew1

    No I did not see that I never really got into that show. Was the fight and show any good?

  • The first two or three pictures in the link in my last reply were from that fight.

    Yeah it was cool. The vampire bites and rips off a werewolf's ear, severs the leg of another, and kills two or three of them.

    BTW, wait to you see the Cameron art work I found for T:SCC. Its badass.

  • Lew1

    The thing is I hate it when they make the Vamp's 100 times stronger then the wolves they do the same in twilight.

    Sweet can't wait to see that I just been watching season 2 of T:SCC again on blueray.

  • They are dead and have undead strength, whatever that means.

    I was thinking of getting that myself. I think I will get a 3D HD TV first though. I will post it tomorrow.

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