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What happened to Manolete?


What ever happened to Manolete? I was waiting to see the story of Manuel Laureano Rodríguez “Manolete” Sánchez (Adrien Brody) and Antoñita “Lupe” Sino (Penélope Cruz) brought to the big screen and it seems to have been sitting on a shelf for the last two years (for us in North America anyway). When I saw the Manolete Trailer, posted below, I was waiting for it to be released, now on IMDB, its saying that Manolete‘s release will be extended to Italy. The true life story behind Manolete makes a interesting film: Manolete “rose to prominence shortly after the Spanish Civil War and is considered by some to be the greatest bullfighter of all time.” Check out some pictures from the film and the extended trailer below, which has major SPOILERS, and leave your thoughts on them and the film.


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  • highvoltageblonde

    This movie went way over budget, there was also some controversy over whether or not the bulls were being hurt. It was released briefly in the UK awhile back (, but now they're out of stock, and they also told me the DVD will only play on region two DVD players, so unless you have a multi-regional player … US is region one. That said, you can sign up w/Amazon UK to be notified of its release, if that ever happens.

  • highvoltageblonde

    Also, there's a 2 minute clip on a German site that I found after surfing around, that is not the international trailer like the one shown here and most other places.
    The video's in English. No looping.

  • Bulls being hurt. Cows and chickens get slaughtered every day of the week.

    Glad I have a region free DVD player.

  • Thx for the clip.

  • highvoltageblonde

    Penelope is an animal lover and I read that she said (in response to the protests) that she would never be part of a movie where animals got hurt. PETA got involved, too, and they can cause quite a stir. Seems that the real reason it never got released, though, is because of the money thing.

    The movie was made in '06, I think, so I wonder if it's not going to be shelved forever. Wish my player was multi-regional though, just in case.

  • She is an animal lover and decides to do a movie about bull fighting. That makes sense.

    If you want info on multi-region DVD players, check here:

    or check here:

  • highvoltageblonde

    Makes sense if the animals weren't hurt, no? But then we're all full of contradictions. Thanks for the links.

  • highvoltageblonde

    F-B, I may have misunderstood you. I don't know that much about bull fighting, am just assuming in this day and age they don't let the animals get harmed.

  • I thought they kill the bull at the end of the match. I could be wrong though.

  • highvoltageblonde

    Here's the link to the article about all the controversy, if you're interested in reading it. I'd saved it in my bookmarks and forgotten about it.

    I guess I've about worn out this topic now — thought I was the only one who even knew about the movie until I found this site.

  • highvoltageblonde

    Looks like it's going to be out in the UK in July. Let those of us that don't have multi-regional players know how it is, if you watch it. Maybe it will finally, at some point, be released in the US.

  • highvoltageblonde

    I found 3 more video clips on MySpace TV. I'm posting the link but don't know if it'll work.

    I actually had forgotten – just don't keep up so forgot how brutal bullfighting really is. I don't like contact sports of any kind, so when I tried to watch it on Spanish TV I had to turn it off. But seeing these clips really makes me want to see the movie. More for the love story, which is why I think Penelope did it to begin with.

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