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WOLFMAN: Universal Eyes Dwayne Johnson For Lead Role

Dwayne Johnson The Wolf Man

Universal Pictures is reportedly considering having Dwayne Johnson headline it’s new Wolfman film. The studio is interested in giving the Fast and Furious and Scorpion King star a major role in it’s planned “Monsterverse”.

It is not exactly clear if Johnson is meant to play the titular monster himself or if he will simply be a human protagonist should talks between him and Universal should go through. However, it has been established that the film will be a part of the studio’s cinematic universe centered around it’s iconic horror properties. The company hasn’t given a release date for Wolfman, but the first film in it’s Monsterverse, The Mummy, is set for release next year and will be followed by two unidentified projects in 2018 and 2019:

Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski is penning the Wolfman movie while Fargo executive producer Noah Hawley is said to be writing another one of the films in the series. That project is potentially The Invisible Man which, according to recent reports, will star Johnny Depp in the title role.

All the films in the series will be produced and overseen by the creative team of Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan.

Son of Shaolin, meanwhile, is said to be based on a forthcoming graphic novel by Jay Longino. Although it is said that Johnson may also star, he’s currently attached to Son of Shaolin only as an executive producer alongside Ryan Kalil, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia.

Leave your thoughts on Universal Pictures reportedly giving thought to having Dwayne Johnson play the lead in Wolfman (via Superherohype) in the comments section below. For more Wolfman photos, videos, and information, visit our Wolfman Page, and consider subscribing to us by Email, “following” us on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or “liking” us on Facebook for quick updates. No official release date has been offered for Wolfman yet.

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