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WONDER WOMAN (2017): Robin Wright Reportedly Training To Play Superhero

Robin Wright

Wonder Woman Rumored to Feature Robin Wright As a Superhero. Rumors that Wright will appear as a superhero in the long-anticipated DC Universe reboot have been stoked by her daughter, Dylan Penn.

While Wright’s involvement in Wonder Woman has been established for some time, it was widely assumed that she would be playing a normal human character. After all, the title role went to Gal Galdot, so it made sense to think that Wright would be playing a supporting role like that of Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman and leader of the Amazons. With this background in mind, it’s no wonder Penn’s claims about her mother’s role in the film have sparked so much chatter.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Penn was asked if she was planning to attend the Golden Globe Awards with Wright. Penn gave a simple, straightforward answer in the negative, but it was the reason why her mother wasn’t going to the Golden Globes that sent waves across the Internet.

“She’s training to be a super hero for a movie,” she told the reporter. As THR pointed out, the only superhero film Wright has been recently attached to is Wonder Woman, strongly suggesting that her role will be much more prominent than was previously believed.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Penn was playfully exaggerating her mother’s role in the film and that Wright will ultimately play a normal human in it. Warner Bros. secrecy over her role allows speculation in favor of either theory to flourish, rendering it unlikely that any hard evidence of Wright appearing as a superhero in Wonder Woman will emerge until we get closer to the film’s 2017 release.

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