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WORLD WAR Z Sequel Arrives in 2017

Paramount Pictures reveals World War Z sequel Release Date of 2017. The first World War Z, adapted from Max Brooks‘ novel and produced by Brad Pitt‘s production company, Plan B, grossed more than $540 Million dollars worldwide in 2013, so it comes as no real surprise that a sequel is in development.

What is surprising, however, is that Marc Forster, who directed the first entry into this soon-to-be franchise, is not returning. In his stead, Plan B has wrangled J.A. Bayona to direct. This makes total sense, as the Spanish director has had experience not only with the undead, but also grabbing the proverbial reins of a sequel (as he directed 28 Weeks Later).

The backlash against the filmic adaptation of Max Brooks‘ novel came in the form of disappointment that the script sidelined the realistic violence in favor of a PG-13 rating and dismissed many of the more interesting parts of the story. “The Battle of Yonkers”, for example, was one of the more engrossing and captivating chapters that was relegated to dust by the time an official draft was penned. Blood and carnage, a usual requirement for a zombie film that demands to be taken seriously, was nowhere to be found. Plot points for the sequel have been kept under wraps, so far, but the hope is that Steven Knight, who is writing the screenplay, will have some more intimate, believable moments to establish the true terror of this world. A horde of running CGI creatures may satisfy the nerve levels of 13 year olds, but it does mass disservice to those of us requiring a more realistic, chilling approach.

In any case, we’ll find out two summers from now, as Plan B – Brad Pitt’s production company – is producing and plans to release this on June 9th, 2017. The World War Z sequel will go toe to toe against Fantastic Four 2.

Sources: Variety, IMDb

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