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WYNONNA EARP: Panel Reflects on First Season and Tease What’s Coming [Syfy, NYCC 2016]

Wynonna Earp Panel NYCC 2016

Cast and Crew Discuss Success of Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp makes its first trip to New York Comic Con after becoming a runaway success on Syfy. The cast and crew came together to share with fans the behind-the-scenes in making the television adaptation of the cult comic book series. Showrunner Emily Andras, comic book series creator Beau Smith, actress Melanie Scrofano, and actor Tim Rozon joined the panel to chat about Syfy’s new hit series and give a tease of what’s coming for season two.

The panel started with an entertaining blooper and sizzle reel of the first season. Regarding the second season, Andras addressed fans to expect the higher stakes and broken hearts along with some big bad villains. Speaking of season two, the panel revealed that the new season would consist of 12 episodes rather than 10. It was definitely some good news to fans, as the show will bring on some more action when the show returns in 2017.

Beau Smith Wynonna Earp Panel NYCC 2016

Looking back at the first season, creator Beau Smith talked about some of his favorite scenes from the show, especially one regarding Tim’s character Doc Holliday and a mailbox. Beau revealed that he might end up writing a couple of episodes for the new season. Regarding his comic book series, Smith said that the first five issues would go out on sale as one volume in a paperback release, hoping fans pick up a copy.

Melanie Scrofano Wynonna Earp Panel NYCC 2016

Lead actress Scrofano discussed her experience on the show and how much of a connection she made with the cast. With the growing fans of the series, Scrofano added that it still felt surreal for her to see that. Andras spoke about Dolls’ fate on the show and what that would mean for Wynonna. With the new season, Andras said that we can expect Wynonna to play more of a protector to her town of Waverly.

During the Q&A, Andras spoke on the issue of female-centric shows and films not getting enough love from audiences. She specified that genre shows have given female characters a chance to shine and rather than one charater, Andras wrote more than one female character. She jokingly added that is also helps that she shoots in Canada. Andras also answered a question on bringing diversiy onto the show, in which she said she hopes to do that down the line.

Tim Rozon Wynonna Earp Panel NYCC 2016

Tim went on to discuss the relationship between Doc and Wynonna. He sees a connection there but doesn’t wish to have Doc express it yet. Melanie on the other hand thinks that Wynonna doesn’t know what she wants and would rather screw up more.

Emily Andras Wynonna Earp Panel NYCC 2016

Andras touched base on the rest of the cast and how important they were to the show. With Dolls and Haught, Andras says she hopes the characters return in the second season depending on the actors’ schedules. She also talked about the music that goes into the show and said that she has a musical supervisor who is an expert in what songs or background music goes into a scene.

Finally. Smith gave his insight on having his work become a television series. He said that he was a little worried sharing his creation to a wider audience but knew it was the right time. After reading the script a few times, Smith said he grew to enjoy the narrative and got on board immediately. Smith even liked Melanie as Wynonna since she reminded him so much of himself. Melanie corroborated that by saying Smith was with them the whole way and checks in by email now and again.

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