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X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (2016): Film to Shoot in Montreal

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X-Men: Apocalypse to shoot in Montreal. X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t come out till 2016 and yet a location has been set for shooting, which will be in Montreal once again. Canadian paper Journal De Montreal reported that the upcoming X-Men film would set up shop at the end of the year with cameras rolling in April 2015.

Director Bryan Singer’s previous film X-Men: Days of Future Past was also shot in Montreal in Mel’s Studio, where the sequel will be shot. Mel’s Studio is considered to be the largest film production facility in Canada located in the heart of Montreal. Films that were shot there included successful films like 300, Secret Window, Source Code, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Not much is known about X-Men: Apocalypse, although we know that it takes place in the 1980s and focuses on the cast of X-Men: First Class. The plot would mainly be about the origin of mutants since Apocalypse was the world’s first mutant and the main antagonist for the film. The film will also feature some of the cast of the original X-Men films as well as the younger versions of characters like Gambit, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm. Bryan Singer returns to direct the film along with Simon Kinberg, Mike Dougherty, and Dan Harris writing the script.

On the villain Apocalypse:

The being who will be called Apocalypse was born 5000 years ago in Akkaba. He is born with the mutant X-gene, possibly the first living being on Earth to possess the gene, and a side-effect of this gives him gray skin and blue lips. Because of this, his people abandon him as an infant. He is rescued by Baal of the Sandstormers who sees the child’s potential power and will to survive. Baal names him En Sabah Nur or “The First One.” The Sandstormers live by the credo of survival of the fittest, believing that only those who are strong enough to survive hardship and direct conflict are worthy of life.

Around this time, the time-traveller Kang the Conqueror arrives in Egypt and assumes the identity of Pharaoh Rama-Tut. Knowing who En Sabah Nur is fated to become and where he is, Rama-Tut sends his General Ozymandias and an army to destroy the Sandstormers and find the young Apocalypse. En Sabah Nur and Baal are injured and seek refuge in a cave. Before he dies, Baal reveals advanced alien technology hidden in the cave, left behind by the god-like aliens known as Celestials. Vowing revenge on Rama-Tut, En Sabah Nur enters the Pharaoh’s city posing as a slave and draws the romantic attention of Ozymandias’s sister, Nephri. On seeing the mutant’s true appearance, Nephri rejects him and turns to her brother for protection. Heartbroken by this final rejection, En Sabah Nur’s rage causes his mutant abilities to fully emerge. Rampaging, he renames himself Apocalypse. Rama-Tut flees and En Sabah Nur uses the Celestial technology to transform his former tormentor Ozymandias into a blind clairvoyant made of living stone, now enslaved to Apocalypse. As the years go on, Apocalypse finds he no longer ages.

Apocalypse is an ancient mutant born with a variety of superhuman abilities who further augmented himself after merging with Celestial technology. The character has total control over the molecules of his body, enabling him to alter his form as it suits him, such as allowing his body to become extremely malleable and flexible or change its size, enhance his physical abilities, transform his limbs into weapons, wings, or jets, regenerate from fatal injuries, adapt his body to apparently any disease or hostile environment, and give himself virtually any physical superhuman power. The character is also able to project and absorb energy, and has displayed telepathy and telekinesis. Apocalypse is as well capable of technopathy, able to directly interface with the various technologies he has at his disposal. Thanks to the aid of his mutant abilities, special “regeneration” chambers, and changing bodies, Apocalypse has made himself effectively immortal.

Aside from his superhuman powers, Apocalypse is extraordinarily intelligent, a scientific genius with knowledge in various areas of science and technology including physics, engineering, genetics and biology, that is far more advanced than conventional science. Apocalypse has knowledge of Celestial technology that he uses for his own applications, such as altering mutants or humans. Apocalypse is also a skilled demagogue and a master strategist.

Apocalypse’s blood can heal other mutants, but is fatal for humans. Apocalypse’s blood can also restore his de-powered mutant descendants as is seen when a large dose of Apocalypse’s blood regenerates the lost body part of Chamber and gave him a look similar to Apocalypse.

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