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X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (2016): Oscar Isaac Talks Playing Apocalypse

Oscar Isaac Discusses Playing Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse. With Oscar Isaac playing the titular villain in X-Men: Apocalypse, we wonder  how Apocalypse would be portrayed in Bryan Singer’s upcoming film. However, Isaac assured us it would be something “very cool.”

Oscar Isaac was recently a guest on the Monkeys Fighting Robots podcast and discussed his work on X-Men: Apocalypse. He stated that he’s already started filming for the X-Men film and that he’s still going through the script and developing his take on the character.

I’ve been reading the script a lot and trying to come at for me, a interesting angle. Definitely focusing on the fact he is the embodiment of the second coming of the judgments of god and that energy going in. We’re playing with that. What we are trying to do is make his philosophy and what his mission is, one that is both simple but also holds water, that really makes sense throughout the whole movie. I think Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer; we’ve been able to come up with something very cool.

As for Apocalypse’s motive in the film, we often wonder what his mission and philosophy will be, given that Singer has been known for straying away from the source material. Will this be the same En Sabah Nur, who was the first mutant in existence? Will he also be obsessed with evolution and survival of the fittest or will he be a supervillain bent on world domination? It’s probably going to be a different version from the comics based on Singer’s track record but we won’t know until the movie comes out next year. What do you guys think?

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