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DEADPOOL 2 (2018): Stephen Lang Interested In Playing Cable

Stephen Lang X Men Comic

Stephen Lang talks about the possibility of playing Cable in Deadpool 2. The Gods and Generals and Avatar actor expressed hope that he might someday play the time-traveling mutant on the big screen.

Stating that he would be “delighted” to appear in the planned Deadpool sequel, Lang clarified that he has yet to be approached by anyone involved with the film about playing Cable. Rather, he was expressing support for a popular social media campaign to get him the role, in which many users noted the uncanny similarities between Lang and the character.

He also added, however, that his commitment to another major franchise might get in the way of portraying the X-Men hero:

“The co-star of the breakout horror hit ‘Don’t Breathe’ admitted that, while he thinks he’d ‘do a pretty bang-up job with the part,’ he’s unsure whether his commitment to James Cameron’s upcoming ‘Avatar’ sequels would prevent him from getting down to business with Deadpool.

‘[U]nderstand that my obligation is to the largest, most successful film ever made,’ he said, ‘so ‘Avatar’ takes precedence.’

It’s hard to argue with the numbers, especially when said numbers added up to $2.78 billion worldwide.

Created by Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld, Cable made his Marvel Comics debut in 1986, and quickly became a fan favorite with his no-nonsense approach, powerful abilities, and penchant for destruction. In the past, he’s managed to win fights against Wolverine, Falcon, Captain America, Red Hulk and Iron Man.”

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