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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 3, Episode 11: Conspiracy Weary [The CW]

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iZombie: Conspiracy Weary Review

The CWs iZombie: Season 3, Episode 11: ‘Conspiracy Weary’ was all over the place with different plotlines playing in this jam-packed hour. It is pretty fitting that Liv (Rose McIver) ate the brains of a conspiracy theorist from the compound as she throws in some crazy explanations and theories to make fun of the fact that fans have been clamoring for answers for this season’s big mysteries. We still have a lot of questions as we get into the final two episodes of the third season, but this episode gives us a better idea on who is pulling all the strings in the murders and cover-ups that have been plaguing us this year.

The action continued from last week’s episode as Liv and Blaine (David Anders) go full-on zombie mode in order to save their friends from the zombie truthers. Seeing these two work together was a whole lot of fun, especially getting to watch Liv kicking some butt. The cliffhanger was finally solved with Ravi (Rahul Kohli) being held at gunpoint, as Harley was about to pull the trigger. Nothing was at stake once Blaine and Liv started storming in and taking down the zombie haters. The action lost the spark after they came in. It was also kind of strange that Liv didn’t call her new boyfriend Justin (Tongayi Chirisa) for help; otherwise he would’ve brought the whole FIlmore Graves army.

It did get us a funny scene with Liv, Blaine, and Don E (Bryce Hodgson) having a meal with a conspiracy theorist brain. It was entertaining to see their dynamic as they were chowing down on some brains. It was even more hilarious when they were brainstorming some conspiracy theories, including the whole controversy with whether Tupac or Biiggie are alive, and who killed them if they were dead. This proved that no matter who the characters get paired up with, it will be a fun dynamic to watch on screen. Absolutely nothing wrong with mixing it up some of our characters.

Seeing Blaine evolve from a villain to an anti-hero may be one of the best developments that the writers have done. Blaine hasn’t redeemed himself for all the crimes he has done. However, he’s in a place where he’s not actually a bad guy to our heroes. In some sense, he has become an ally of sorts. It’s great to see the different possibilities that some of our characters can take. Blaine just hopped on a case without any decision on his or Liv’s part. Hopefully we can get more of that in the future.

It seems like we have a better idea of what kind of a person Chase (Jason Dohring) is after watching this episode. He ends up using information that Liv gives him and uses it to his benefit when he took his team to Jahn’s cabin. We get the point that Chase doesn’t necessarily trust Liv or the Seattle police department. He also seems to be quite enamored by Liv, which can be interesting once we see more interactions between these two. All he wants to do is find out who killed his sister Vivian.

The question on everyone’s minds after the end of the episode is who killed Vivian? Fingers are pointing to District Attorney Baracus, who has ended up winning the election. Perhaps these mysterious circumstances have led to Baracus getting the political vote. It will certainly raise some eyebrows from his opponents. There’s also the matter of what happened to Weckler.

This is where Peyton (Aly Michalka) comes in as she continued her investigation into the Weckler case. Weckler’s daughter Tatum led Peyton to a security deposit box with a memory card that contains some incriminating evidence. Perhaps it will lead into Baracus becoming the real culprit behind all this. What was really enjoyable was watching how Peyton handled Tatum with her PI skills. Tatum also gets visions, which has Peyton figure out that Tatum is also a zombie.

We also have to deal with Shawna as Major (Robert Buckley) finds out from Liv that his new girlfriend has been posting their intimate moments on her blog. Shawna was obviously sketchy to begin with, so she can become a threat to him after that break-up. Her blog may be the creepiest thing we saw, but there may be more things she’s hiding. He continues to make some grave errors, which could cost him his life if he’s not careful. His evolution as a character has been a wild ride, but seeing him go back to his old self kind of takes away all the progress he’s made.

Another character who’s made a mistake was Ravi. He ends up telling everything about the zombie epidemic to his new friend Rachel from the zombie truthers. It was later revealed that Rachel was a reporter undercover exposing the truth about zombies. With her newspaper article on the zombies, it will put Ravi’s friends in danger and has no idea he is the cause of this. The story could end up becoming a tabloid story that people won’t believe. It’s still a messy situation that Ravi has put himself and his friends in. It will be a matter of time before the public accepts the reality that zombies are living among them.

Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) has been trying to rectify the mistakes he’s made by avenging the zombie family that he befriended. After shooting Harley and figuring out he was innocent in the murders, it puts Clive in an awkward situation when he realizes he’s shot an innocent victim. He shouldn’t have to worry since he ended up turning into a zombie. It makes us wonder who turned him and if this had anything to do with Baracus.

With so many more questions from this week’s episode, ‘Conspiracy Weary’ made good use of our characters while introducing some new dynamics. Having Liv, Blaine, and Don E. interact in a few scenes was really hilarious and proves that any character can be paired up with other ones to make some great chemistry. With some big reveals and the zombie community about to close in on getting exposed, it will be interesting to see how the last two episodes of the season will fare.

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