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THE 100: Season 4, Episode 5: Tinder Box: Trailer [The CW]

Eliza Taylor The 100 Tinder Box

The 100: Tinder Box Trailer

The TV show trailer for The CW’s The 100: ‘Tinder Box,’ feature stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morely, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Devon BostickRichard Harmon, Jarod Joseph, Chelsey Reist, Jonathan Whitesell, and Isaiah Washington. Guest stars include Tasya Teles, Sachin SahelBen Sullivan, Jarett John, and Zach McGowan.

So I keep hearing King Théoden asking “How did it come to this.” No biggie. I’m never without quotes & dialogues going off in my head. The question, this time around, is whether the trailer, to the next episode of The 100, reminded me of the siege at Helm’s Deep, or whether I just found myself wondering why every season has to have at least one Grounder march on a Sky People position.

Throw in the fact that all out war always seems to hinge on one extremist with a gun, and I’m thinking maybe the latter….

In any case, Roan (Zach McGowan) has his reasons, and hostages. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has lots of bullets, and why-are-you-doing-this-to-me eyes. Wait – reason. She has reason going for her – that’s it. She will be using her words. What neither seem to have is any real idea of whether former Ice Nation slave, Riley (Ben Sullivan), is going to let his PTSD – along with some Pike flavored reasoning – determine what he does with his 2nd Amendment party favor.

Ordinarily, having Monty (Christopher Larkin) on the scene helps; but he’s given me reason to question his judgement of late, so….

‘Tinder Box’ airs Mar. 1,  9:00 pm EST,  on The CW.

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The ‘Tinder Box’ trailer:

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