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DVD Review: Bitch Slap: Unrated

Release Date: March 2, 2010 Available on DVD Irreverent, bombastic, tossing its tawdry, trashy lineage right into the viewers’ face, Bitch Slap bombards the viewer with hooky acting, titillation, cleavage (through the entire film), gore, off the wall action, and enough twists to give Tarantino whiplash. Riding on the tale-end of the new Grindhouse wave […]

DVD Review: Up (2009)

Up (2009) is another in along line of superior computer animated films by Pixar and Disney. Many animated films of the past and the present do not tackle serious themes, the animators believing a cartoon is no place for such ideas. As times changed, that idea began to change as well, as was evident with […]

DVD Review: Bruno

Bruno is a film starring Sasha Baron Cohen, a follow up to his star making film Borat. Bruno follows the same documentary style of Borat but is not a satisfying as that film. Situations seemed more forced in Bruno than they did in Borat. Cohen commits to the obnoxious persona of Bruno in everyway, yet […]