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DVD Review: 2+2 / DOS MAS DOS (2012): Diego Kaplan’s Steamy Romp Film

2+2 Adrian Suar Julieta Diaz Juan Minujin Carla Peterson

2+2 (2013) DVD Review, a movie directed Diego Kaplan and starring Adrián Suar, Julieta Diaz, Juan Minujín, and Carla Peterson.

Release Date: June 4, 2013


In the film (known in Spanish as Dos Más Dos), two couples decide to take their friendship to the next level. Diego and Emila and Richard and Betina have been best friends for over 10 years. Diego (Suar) and Richard (Minujín) run a cardiac clinic together while Emilia (Diaz) and Betina (Peterson) confide in each other regularly. One night at dinner, Betina confesses to Emilia that she and Richard keep the spice in their sex lives by swinging. She suggests Emilia and Diego consider it. Diego balks initially when Emilia broaches the subject, but he soon finds himself railroaded by his wife and their two best friends into pushing the boundaries of their relationship much further beyond his comfort level. Things unravel hilariously as they explore the strength of the glue holding them together.

Film Review

2+2 is expertly edited and stunningly filmed. Every scene pops with color and detail, especially scenes in Betina and Richard’s apartment. Flesh tones are true and blacks are rich and deep. Some scenes within Diego and Emily’s home have a grey overcast, but that could be an intentional device to reflect the conservatism of that couple versus Betina and Richard’s raucous partying.

Adrián Suar, who also produced and wrote the script, has written one of the sexiest, most intelligent romantic comedies to come out of Argentina—or anywhere—in a long time. The film is slightly reminiscent of one of Suar’s earlier films: Un Novio Para Mi Mujer. It is not difficult to understand why 2+2 is one of the highest grossing films in Argentinian history: it covers a taboo yet tantalizing subject in a refreshing way using attractive and highly-competent actors. Suar and Minujín deliver, but it is Peterson and Diaz who excel here. Diaz is highly believable as the goody-goody weather girl tempted by the darker side of pleasure. From her angelic face to her conservative wardrobe and classic good looks, she is the perfect wife and mother, yet she yearns for a bit more spice in her vanilla routine.

Peterson’s liberated fashion designer is the catalyst for everyone’s explorations and she proves the life of the party whether she is dragging her friends to a swinging party or smashing into the walls of a home. Peterson brings to mind Pedro Almodovar‘s one-time muse, Victoria Abril, both in looks and in the fiery spirit she brings to the role. Diego and Emilia’s teenaged son, Lucas (Tomás Wicz) brings some levity to the film when it threatens to get bogged down in intensity and feelings.

2+2 is a fun, steamy romp through our collective psyche that explores the meaning of fidelity, identity, and the quantification of love.


Run time:  106 minutes
Format: Dolby, THX, Widescreen
Region: 1
Language: Argentenian Spanish
Subtitles: English
Dubbing: None
Rating:  Not Rated


The audio is excellent on this DVD: the dynamic range is impressive and dialogue comes through cleanly and with good directionality. Even in crowded party scenes or outdoor settings, it is still possible to hear the actors and to discern every word, a plus for those who like to listen to the audio as well as or in lieu of reading subtitles.

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