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EXTANT: Season 2, Episode 5: The New Frontier: TV Show Clip [CBS]

Grace Gummer Extant The New Frontier

TV Show clip for CBS Extant episode The New Frontier. With CBS seemingly intent on running variations of the same season-long spoiler trailers, the only episode specific previews currently available seem to be lengthy clips. Oh, well; I suppose we’ll all have to make do.

With the variant trailers already giving away developments like Lucy’s (Kiersey Clemons) first kill, and the expansion of the now weaponized Humanichs program, it’s kind of a pity that the only thing new we get to watch  is Molly (Halle Berry) finally confront well-meaning-mess, Julie (Grace Gummer), over Ethan (Pierce Gagnon); while the men of their respective corners, JD (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and Charlie (Tyler Hilton), get to play referee & ball boy, respectively.

If the clip is any indication, this may also be the point where Molly finally clues in on the reason for her late husband’s ‘tardiness.’

‘The New Frontier’ also features Asher Deva, James Ferris, Kim RhodesMichael SpellmanTehmina Sunny, Colton WheelerNecar Zadegan, and David Morrissey, and airs Wednesday, July 29, at 9:00 pm, EST, on CBS.

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