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Film Review: PUERTO RICANS IN PARIS: A Laugh Out Loud Film [LAFilmFest 2015]

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Puerto Ricans In Paris (2015) Film Review from the 21st Annual Los Angeles Film Festival, a movie directed by Ian Edelman, starring Luis Guzman, Edgar Garcia, Alice Taglioni, Miriam Shor, Frédéric Anscombre, Rosie Perez, Rosario Dawson is hands down a laugh out loud

film. Two Puerto Rican brothers-in-law Eddie (Edgar Garcia) and Luis (Luis Guzman) rule the NYPD department as their best counterfeit detectives. As counterfeit detectives, Eddie and Luis patrol all over New York City trying to catch fraudulent hand bag sellers. We see Luis who is an overconfident detective with an overzealous attitude and his more logical and sensitive brother in law Eddie who is hanging by a thread in his marriage with Gloria (Rosie Perez) . Money is low for Eddie while Luis is living a bachelor life with his beautiful girlfriend, Vanessa (Rosario Dawson).

When famous Parisian fashion designer, Colette (Alice Taglioni) finds out that her latest high end handbag is stolen, Colette and her partner fly in for New York City’s finest detectives to help out on the biggest handbag counterfeit case in Paris. Eddie and Luis are asked to fly out to Paris to find the criminal behind the case of the “It Bag” and to bank on a $150,000 reward. So the two take off with their colorful taste in fashion and Puerto Rican attitudes to the City of Lights where they learn a few lessons on relationships and find a new love for macarons. 

As the two roam around Paris impersonating Colette’s clients, they interrogate her friends who she may believe have stolen the bag from her. When Eddie starts to form a close relationship with Colette, Luis’s ego is bruised and he realizes he may not be the man of the hour in this mission. As the two continue the case and run around with Colette in Paris, they throw around Parisian clichés and Puerto Rican stereotypes. Ian proved the film to be feature film worthy as it steps away from a typical indie film. As any great heroic story, Luis and Eddie prove to be worthy of their title as New York City’s finest counterfeit detectives when they solve the case of the missing bag.

The film definitely targets a specific audience but appeals to all ages as a family friendly film. Taglioni, plays her part well as the charming and beautiful fashion designer who longs for love and companionship. We see Colette as a sexy counterpart that can easily sway the minds of the two detectives but Eddie and Luis long to return home to their beloved girlfriend and wife. Eddie and Luis’s clashing attitudes create an interesting friendship and partnership but adds comedic value throughout the film. Edelman does a great job of closing out all loop holes. The film ends with Luis proposing to his girlfriend after a big battle with bachelor hood and Eddie proving to his wife that he is capable of romance. Overall and entertaining and a hilarious film packed with romance, comedy, mystery, and fun.


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