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HELLIONS (2015) Movie Trailer: A Blood-Moon Befalls Pregnant Teen

Hellions Trailer

Hellions Movie Trailer. Bruce McDonald‘s Hellions (2015) movie trailer stars Robert PatrickChloe RoseRossif Sutherland, and Rachel WilsonHellions‘ plot synopsis: “A teenager must survive a Halloween night from Hell when malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door.”

I’m slightly ashamed of not having seen Bruce McDonald’s beloved indie-horror darling Pontypool (2008) yet. I would’ve had more of an inkling of what to expect from Hellions, based on that earlier film and this absolutely batshit trailer. There are dream sequences here that seem like an amateur student film, but somehow work to create the sense of an unrelenting fever-dream you can’t escape. To add to that, Robert Patrick shows up. So now I’m intrigued. I think my first line of duty is to watch the aforementioned film and get my shit in order.

Take a look at the trailer and tell us what you think. Does this look too cheap for you? Does it matter? Is the premise enticing enough to check this out? Isn’t one of these kids suspiciously reminiscent of the Trick ‘R Treat kid?

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Sources: ShockTillYouDrop, IMDb

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