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THE FOREST (2016) Movie Trailer: Suicide Forest in Japan Ruined by Old Horror Tricks

The Forest Trailer

The Forest Trailer. Jason Zada‘s The Forest (2016) movie trailer stars Natalie DormerTaylor Kinney and Yukiyoshi OzawaThe Forest‘s plot synopsis: “An unexplained horror occurs in a Japanese forest.”

As soon as I saw the MTV chyron in the corner of the video, I knew we were in trouble. Maybe Natalie Dormer can save this, I thought. Well, no such luck, it seems. This is a great setting for your horror movie. The Aokigahara Forest is 14sq. miles of silence, trees, and the occasional hanging body of a recently deceased suicide-victim. It’s a popular place to end your life – according to Deadline, “in 2003, 105 bodies were discovered; in 2010, 54 people succeeded in ending their lives, while more than 200 people made the attempt; in the 1980s it was estimated that 100 suicides took place their every year. The problem is so bad that signs now mark the entrance to the forest, urging people to consider their families and seek help before taking their lives.”

Unfortunately, that potential is squandered, and all I see is a movie made cheaply with a beautiful (and very talented) actress, but nothing except slow build-up and loud jump-scare to appease fans of…loud noises? It sadly even looks cheap, as if MTV wasn’t in the mood to shell out money for a proper cinematographer or equipment.

We beat on, against the current, hoping for good horror.

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