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TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN 2 (2012): Sequel Moving Ahead

Caitlin Stasey, Ashleigh Cummings, Chris Pang, Tomorrow When The War Began

Tomorrow, When The War Began 2 (2012), the sequel to Tomorrow, When The War Began, has been green-lit. Tomorrow, When The War Began director/writer Stuart Beattie is returning as are cast members Caitlin StaseyPhoebe Tonkin, Deniz AkdenizAshleigh CummingsChris Pang, and Andrew RyanTomorrow, When The War Began apparently brought in enough during its theatrical run to warrant a sequel. Tomorrow, When The War Began only cost $27 Million to make. Tomorrow, When The War Began 2′s plot synopsis: “The group is in a state of depression. They spend most of the time in Hell whilst the war rages on outside in Wirrawee and Australia. With relationships beginning to grow and conflicts running high, the group eventually meet a band of free Australians known as ‘Harvey’s Heroes’, which is lead by the mysterious Major Harvey.” I have saw the first Tomorrow, When The War Began and it had a few good moments but it was no Red Dawn. It didn’t have that film’s intensity at all.

Following on from the announcement of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ last weekend, the NSW Government announced today production would kick off shortly in Sydney on a sequel to last year’s $27 million action feature ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’.

Nicknamed the ‘Aussie Red Dawn’, the film was an adaptation of the first book in John Marsden’s best-selling seven novel series…Set to once again shoot around the Hunter Region and the Blue Mountains, it’s expected to pump almost $40 million and create up to 450 jobs for the local economy.

Tomorrow, When The War Began is already out on DVD and Blu-ray. I’m surprised the sequel isn’t being titled after the second book in the series: The Dead of Night. BTW, did you see the first Tomorrow, When The War Began and what did you think of it? Are you excited about the sequel?

Update 1I, Frankenstein’s Stuart Beattie delays Tomorrow When The War Began 2 (2012)

Update 2Tomorrow When The War Began 2 (2012): Cities Fight for Production

Update 3Tomorrow When The War Began 2: Sequel Talk after 2010 Film TV Premiere

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  • Heidi Davis

    I loved the movie being a big fan of the series and was excited to hear of a sequel being in the works. John Marsden was an incredible influence on my reading as a teenager and my own daughter has fallen in love with the series as well.

  • Emf

    Didn’t read the books but loved the movie. I want to read the books now!

  • I haven’t read the books yet either.

  • C digidy

    i love the books and i hope tomorrow when the war began 2 lives up to the book


    the dead of the night?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Elmoash1996

    hahah best book ever… and i love the first movie… cant wait till the next one comes out and the ones after that 🙂

  • Kattykitty12

    My favourite movie of all Time!!!

  • D. Wiebe

    I watched this movie, I didnt even know what it was. When I got to the end right after the bridge explosion, I thought that can’t be it, there has to be more to this story. It was afterwards on google that I found the rest of the story and have since listened to the remaining books on audio. Finished just a few days ago. I wont spoil the ending for anyone that hasn’t but I really enjoyed them all.

  • Jwd333

    Awesome movie. I read the book and it is almost just as good. Really excited for the squeal !

  • Cannot wait untill the next movie comes out! Love the boooooks! The ellie chronicles are just as good. (:(:
    when will the next movie come out!?

  • J. Beiber

    I’d never heard of the books (I don’t like to read much), but the movie was suprisingly good. I didn’t expect much from it, being an Aussie film and all, but I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

  • Marceelus11330

    i dont think you should be comparing red dawn to TWTWB, its a bit like comparing the james bond to the note book. red dawn was an action movie. and TWTWB was a teen drama before any kind of action movie.

  • Marceelus11330

    i dont think you should be comparing red dawn to TWTWB, its a bit like comparing the james bond to the note book. red dawn was an action movie. and TWTWB was a teen drama before any kind of action movie.

  • 22scorpion22

    I just finished watching TWTWB and i tell you it really brings things close to home, any aussie who didn’t like it are obviously not aussie. I tell you it was a good movie and can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  • Annonymus

    It was an amazing movie, I really hope the second one goes ahead, but maybe they are merging a few of the next books together, hence not being called the dead of night.

  • NO#1 TWTWB FAN!!!!


  • Awesome

    But why dont they call it the dead of the night???? it sounds more mysterious!

  • Skittles742

    The books are awesome and they did a great job converting the first into movie – looking forward to the next one!

  • rach97_keyboardguy

    It was a really good adaption that deserves praise – it’s not everyday you watch something based on a book that was above average. Can’t wait until the next film!

  • Josh Gold

    Yeah I loved the book series when I was a kid and I thought it was a good version. It was the books that got me into reading as a kid too which made this a sentimental movie so to speak. Actors were reasonably well chosen and glad we get a sequel!

  • I love the movie so much!
    And I loved the book series, I hope all of the books get movies…. However it probably wont be possible. I hope they make as many movies as they can though.

  • I thought the books were an absolute adventure and once I had finished, I missed the characters like they were the closest of friends. Yes, I have seen better films, but it has become very close to my heart, and keeps me coming back (I’ve watched the film 5 times). There is a great need for a sequel.

  • i love these books and movie!!!!! i could so be chris! i do everything he does! and andy ryan, the guy who palys him great actor for the part.

  • I loved the movie and can not wait for the next one (:
    i haven’t read the book yet But is planning on doing so 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i really loved the first movie, they chose perfect actors to play the movie. i have read the first book and am reading the second book at the moment and i just cant put it down. i really hope they make movies for all of them. i felt like i was there with them. i got really involved and didn’t want it to finish. every day i think about the movie and would love to watch it a million times and read all the books again after i finish reading them. i cant say how much i loved the movie and wish i was there with them. I WANT MORE TWTWB MOVIESSSS!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    who dies? please tell meee

  • ive heard they’re only going up to book/movie 3 :'( .. i hope thats not true..

  • Anonymous

    OMG i hope thats really not true >:(

  • Anonymous

    Everyone just so you know,
    Tomorrow, When The War Began was not a lot like the book
    and since the next two books are being put together, I believe lots of key points from the books will be left out.
    I suggest that people read all 7 books (and maybe even the extra 3 in the ellie chronicles) because you will probably realise the books are way better.
    But hey, bring on the movies lol 🙂

  • Key moments are usually dropped when a book is transferred to film. Look at what happened with Dune.

  • I hate it how they call it the “Aussie Red Dawn”. The books were out way before Red Dawn! Americans need to have a little respect for Australian made movies. After all, the movie was awesome!, for the really low budget it had.

  • Anonymous

    I was gutted when I heard TWTWB was not being released in UK cinemas but have finally been able to watch it ‘on demand film’ tonight, loved it but now I need to see the next one!!!! Guess I better look for the books as it will probably be ages before we get the sequel in the UK!

  • Anonymous

    To the uninformed, ‘Red Dawn’ was scripted as an American movie version of the John Marsden books. The reason that Red Dawn seems more intense, is that it follows the true Hollywood tradition of being totally unrealistic. The only way Guerilla Warfare works against a vastly larger, better trained and outfitted force, is to remain as inconspicuous and unknown as possible, NOT to graffiti your name all over the place! Although the premise of John Marsden’s books is a bit of a stretch, the setting and the protagonists are light-years away from the scenario of Red Dawn. A force capable of invading the USA successfully, would be infinitely more sophisticated than the (unidentified) Pan Asian alliance invaders of TWTWB. The terrain is also a vast difference in the Australian story, unlike the Red Dawn terrain, in which any half decent soldiers would have tracked down the group inside a couple of days. The Australian topography as portrayed in the movie, would be ideal for the story-line, but would still be no help to the group once their general location was discovered. Infra-red scanners and even bloodhounds would soon ferret them out. Once the army had a definite enemy to engage, it would be all over in a very short time. Guerilla fighters are not far removed from spies, and spies don’t go ’round like James Bond, announcing themselves to all and sundry. Real spies keep a VERY low profile and Guerilla fighters do the same. One of the things I found most realistic about TWTWB, was the impact that killing had on the kids, enemy soldiers or not. I prefer the realism of Ellie’s self examination to the gung-ho attitude of the kids in Red Dawn. Killing doesn’t come that easy, even to regular soldiers.

  • M.C H.

    looking forward to it.

  • Des Leighton

    TWTWB (1993) 1st published.
    Red Dawn movie was filmed in 1984 and is to have a remake released in 2012.

  • why? you dont know what you are talking about! tomarrow when the war began was published in the 90’s! red dawn came out in 1984! you should take the time to research before you comment! it makes you look stupid! red dawn is a way better movie but i will say tomarrow was a good copy cat!

  • i live in Australia and it was in the cinemas everywhere everyone wanted to watch it!!!!!
    but i am hearing things about there not being a seqal

  • Stephen Heitzer

    Just finally Got released on DVD this weekend in the USA Wow what a long wait… But it was worth it! I loved it, The books where even more Awesome! Can’t wait for the sequal movie! BTW Catlin is HOT!

  • Yes she is.

    Next time, get a Region Free DVD or Blu-ray Player. They are very affordable. I have one. Then you will not have to wait for something to be released in the USA.

  • Tomorow When the War Began is awesome!!!!!!!!
    So pumped for the sequel. It better go ahead. All of Australa willlove it!!

  • You have no idea what you are talking about ever heard of the PLO just to name one all countries that have been invaded even today have name for the insurgents that are fighting them Taliban ring a bell dumbass they do not use graffitti they use the internet stop trying to act like you are ex miltary you are obvious a wanna be. If you wanna say you like one movie better fine but keep your other thought’s were they belong in only your head lol

  • I enjoyed both movies and remeber they are just that movies meant to entertain us so stop bashing the U.S.A. the movie red dawn was made before this book was even written and I hate to bust anybody’s bubble’s but if you google the list of the top ten movie’s of all time all american made!! With that I repect australian movie’s as well as every other country there are alot of remake’s from other countries this is a complliment not an insult!! It mean’s somebody is willing to spend million’s of dollar’s of thier money because they respect the author and they have to pay him for that right so if you ask him he would probably tell you to shut up you have no idea what you are talking about, an author’s movie released in america like J.R. Tolken made her a billionaire and a house hold name across the world. All you have to do is watch inside the actor’s studio and all the actor’s and actress’s say the same thing they knew if they ever wanted to be a major star or consider a sucess you had to do it in America..

  • I also have to say to the idiot who think’s in red dawn they would have used heat sensor’s and lol I can’t go on dumbass the movie was made in the early 80’s but set in the s70’s as you must know the vietnam war ended in the early 70’s why don’t you ask a real vet why that wouldn’t have happened first in the first stage of an invasion they bring only men and vehicle’s and arieal bombing, second it was invented yet lol But if you want bring up an inaccuracy there is a large population of what group of people living in australia ? hint when you go in the bush you are bound to run into them which beg’s to question why not one of them was even in the movie. I understand the chinese actor lee since 23.5% of the population is chinese and the total populatio is 23 million plus but there are a million oh hell aboriginies he would never have guessed it anyway’s. Anybody who has heard of australia the first three thing’s that come to mind crocadile dundee lol kangaroo’s and aboriginies but not one anywhere in the whole movie even when they went outback

  • no disrespect. i love twtwb’s, nd red dawn. they r alot alike. but ur wrong. twtwb’s was published in 1993. red dawn was made in the 80’s.both movies r amazing, nd for the low budget twtwb was deserves its props. but red dawn was the 1st to come out. but even tho they’re almost perfectly alike, i wouldnt call it the aussie red dawn..

  • i think u must have eaten some paint chips as a child, cause u really dont kno wut ur talkin’ about. jus sayin’.

  • I’m looking forward to the next one! It will be awesome

  • giovanni

    when the next movie wiil be avaible ?

  • Dennis Carr

    I have only watched it six times now.. It stays on my Netflix Queue and I refuse to remove it… so there.

  • Dennis Carr

    I did ask a “vet” and he said the dog died.. It was listening to you and got sooooo sad it just keeled over with pain on it’s face… Since when does a movie have to be historical? DUH, never watch Star Wars or Star Trek and complain that the transporters and guns a don’t look real? So it does not have Aboriginies? You can have ours, he is a lousy president..

  • section9

    Ah, the Aussie fear of being invaded by Overseas Chinese and having to trade in Vegemite for General Tso’s Chicken.
    A fate worse than death!

  • Mari

    I like both movies
    The movie red dawn came out in 1984
    This says the first book came out in 1993
    List of books in the series[edit]
    Tomorrow, When the War Began (1993)
    The Dead of the Night (1994)
    The Third Day, The Frost (1995) (published in the U.S. and Canada as A Killing Frost)
    Darkness, Be My Friend (1996)
    Burning for Revenge (1997)
    The Night Is for Hunting (1998)
    The Other Side of Dawn (1999)

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