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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 2, Episode 5: Achilles [TNT]

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TNT’s The Last Ship Achilles TV Show Review. The Last Ship: Season 2, Episode 5: Achilles played a game of battleship as Commander Nathan Chandler (Eric Danes) and the rest of the USS Nathan James went into a high stakes game of cat and mouse with the British sub, suspected to be the HMS Achilles. The episode was intense as both sides tried to make a move and see if the other would attack. The Nathan James crew went quiet in order to hide from the enemy, but just seeing the ship go dark was stressful as things were about to go down for everyone onboard.

The tension ran high on both sides throughout the hour, as both vessels went silent in order to avoid detection from each other. The suspense really build up and a nice change of pace from the gunfights in the latter episodes. There were times when the tension didn’t really click. There was a lot of strategy involved where each side were using terminology that we didn’t quite understand, making the viewing of the episode really difficult to grasp.

The writers really gambled in doing an episode like this, and it did pay off to an extent. The episode really dragged on for the whole hour since there was no action involved. It was basically like a poker game where each side was making moves until the other folds. We can tell that the writers did their research when it came to combat at sea and what a ship’s crew does when they go dead silent.

It was also a guessing game for the Nathan James as they tried to figure out if their prisoner Juan Carlos (Carlos Leal) could be trusted. In the beginning, it seemed like he was innocent and just got caught in a really bad situation. He seemed to know a lot about how his team operates. The guy really had us fooled though, when it turned out that he was still working with the enemy by tracking the ship’s movements.

We also get to see what went on in the Achilles sub, being led by Sean Ramsey (Brian F. O’Byrne). Sean is revealed to be the leader of the naturally immune cult known as ‘The Selected’. The Commander was serving on the ship before the pandemic, and after the worldwide catastrophe, he recruited other naturally immune sailors in order to gain control most of Europe.

There were some differences in leadership that was highlighted in the episode as we see how each side handled the situation. While the Nathan James crew handled the intensity with ease, the Achilles was on high alert with arguments coming inside the sub. It was really a surprise that none of their shouting gave away their location. We also get to see the rash choices that Sean makes for the good of the crew, especially when he gave the order to go on a dive in an area that was too constricted, risking damage to the ship.

We get to know this group through ‘Patient Zero’ Neils Sorensen (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). It’s going to be interesting to see Sean’s reaction once he finds out Sorensen was the one who spread the virus and not divine intervention that plunged the world into chaos. The Commander’s brother Ned (Nick Court) is already not a fan of his, so he may shed some light on this soon.

Speaking of Ned, we learned from Carlos that he is a really dangerous man who enjoys violence. The one thing Carlos had right was the unpredictable nature of what Ned was going to do during the last episode when they shot everyone on the medic ship. The Nathan James also figures out that the Achilles doesn’t want the cure, but they want to eradicate it. Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) and Lieutenant Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) were able to put the pieces together after analyzing Carlos’ blood only to discover that he and the rest of the Achilles crew are all immune to the virus.

The episode ‘Achilles’ moves forward with the season’s plot as we learn what ‘The Selected’ goals are. The Nathan James crew now has a clear goal to stop them from gaining control of America. With the bombing of most of the CDC facilities, the mission has become crucial as the cure is still in need to be distributed worldwide. It should be interesting to see where the show goes after this as the whole world is on the line as humanity hangs in the balance for the USS Nathan James.

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