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TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels

Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, The Walker Dead

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Better Angels ReviewThe Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels was the end of two story lines in the AMC zombie TV series and the beginning of another one: zombie apocalypse rejoined. There is no way the farm group and survivors have enough ammunition to kill all of those Walkers.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) is more clever than he seems. Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn) believed he was not capable of guile but he is. He used Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)’s father as the reason he didn’t want to move into her room. I do not doubt that reason’s validity but the real reason was his feelings for her got in the way of his reactions when confronted by Walkers in The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 9: Triggerfinger and he does not want that to happen again. Living with her and sleeping in the same bed with her would only increase his feelings for her. He is smart enough to realize that and stay away.

The viewer may not have liked Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal)’s methods but he was right about Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and the fact that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was not spending enough time with him, listening and talking to him.

Shane was also right about the fight that Rick and he had previously. How do you go back to friendship after trying to kill each? Once again, Shane sees the truth of the situation and is able to admit it out loud.

The final confrontation between Shane and Rick was beautifully shot, so well in fact that the viewer knew something was going to happen, something momentous. That inkling was absolutely correct.

Rick is no fool. He said he would do whatever it took to protect his wife and his two children and he meant it. Shane’s plan was good but not fool proof. He left too much evidence behind.

Rick and Carl got back to Laurie but at what cost. It seems that the Walker herd that they saw on the highway (pictured here: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1: Miles Behind Us Photos) migrated into the forest and Carl’s shot rung the dinner bell. The fence they have is too low and unsturdy to keep them out.

If I had been at that farm, I would have cut down those trees and set up a Roman camp defense around that entire house. That would hamper man and Walker from walking right up to the house and the group could climb atop it and fire down. At the very least they should have dug a moat around the house, seven feet down (what else do they have to do). The Walkers would stupidly walk right into it and be trapped.

I also seems that the Walker virus has mutated and is now airborne. Previously it took a bite to transfer the disease. Now, because of the two examples in this episode, it seems that anyone that dies and their brian is still intact at the time gets reanimated. That is very interesting and I can not wait to see how that plays out in the final episode and season three of The Walking Dead.

One thing with the broken neck Walker: shouldn’t its head have been loosey-goose between its shoulders if there was nothing holding it straight and in place?

One more thing: Carl couldn’t kill the Walker in the last episode and it killed Dale. Shane gives him the gun back, tells him to defend himself, and then he kills Walker Shane. Shane would actually be proud of that, that Carl showed that strength and growth.

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