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Watchmen: Director’s Cut Differences from Theatrical Version


I watched Watchmen: Director’s Cut a few days ago and cataloged the differences between the Director’s Cut and the Theatrical Version. The Director’s Cut of Watchmen is more violent than the Theatrical version but is not better than that version. The Theatrical version has a cleaner flow to it, less unnecessary moments. BTW, what was your opinion (poll) on Watchmen? Here is Hitler’s response.

  • Rorschach in The Comedian’s apartment. Two cops appear. Rorschach punches one out. He stands on window sill. A cop fires at him but he vanishes.
  • Newscast of Rorschach violating the Kane Act and his police assault during Nite Owl 1 and 2’s Beer Night.
  • In Nite Owl 2’s apartment, they discuss that news and the cop beating.
  • Rorschach talking about good and evil, how he will not compromise.
  • Reporter mentions genetic engineering during Veidt’s interview.
  • Rorschach remarks: “Even Adrian Veidt. Possible homosexual. Must investigate further” as Rorschach goes to warn Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre 2. This line is from the comic book.
  • There is a government escort outside the restaurant for Silk Spectre 2 when she has dinner with Nite Owl 2.
  • At The Comedian’s funeral, we see Rorschach before it begins. We see Dr. Manhattan get out of a limo.
  • Chopper scene during Vietnam sequence. The Comedian firing his handgun. Vietcong missing part of his leg, trying to escape. Comedian lights cigar, then burns him. More frames to the scene.


  • At Watchmen’s first meeting, Murlock is mentioned. Manhattan teleports in. Rorschach speaks of justice.
  • More riot footage. The rioters call Blake names. One of the rioters calls him the bad word for a gay person. He gets hit in the head with an empty can before jumping off of Archie.
  • News stand scene. Homeless guy. Black Freighter is read. Nite Owl 2: “Maybe we should get a cab. These are bad neighborhoods.” Silk Spectre 2: “I’m in a bad mood.”
  • Dr. Manhattan makes everyone at the Fact-to-Face show disappear instead of going to Mars. After alley fight, Silk Spectre 2 decides not to go with Nite Owl 2 and goes back to the base instead.


  • Silk Spectre 2 questioned by G-Men. She then remembers past meeting with Comedian after first Watchmen meeting.
  • watchmen-director's-cut-differences-3

  • Richard Nixon is mad. He says when doomsday is approaching.
  • Scientists try to figure out how to contact Dr. Manhattan on Mars. Silk Spectre 2 asks to go to the bathroom then knocks out the G-Man, hand cuffs him and takes the bullets out of his gun.


  • Rorschach watching Silk Spectre 2. He thinks she might have broken Manhattan’s heart on purpose. Puts on his mask and costume from alley hiding place. Sees an attempted rape and is happy to intervene.
  • Doctor scene is extended in prison. “I can’t help him.” Rorschach killing child murderer is bloodier.
  • First attempt at sex is extended. “Oh hell.” Nite Owl 2 can not get an erection. Sad.
  • During the Fire rescue, kid asks if Nite Owl 2 is Jesus.
  • Lawrence’s prison death scene has more frames.
  • Silk Spectre 2 and Rorschach argue on roof of prison after rescue. Guards show up and shoot at him and Archie.
  • More frames and dialogue for Dr. Manhattan naming scene. “The only symbol I respect.”
  • **BEST ADDITIONAL SCENE, hands down. This should have been in the Theatrical Version.** At News stand. Knot head gang guy gets riled up and goes to Nite Owl 1’s home. Nite Owl 1 calls Sally Jupiter. We get to see Nite Owl fight gang members in his apartment. During the fight, he has flash backs of his glory days and beating Golden Age (or Silver) villains.



  • During the bar interrogation scene, Nite Owl 2 finds out that Nite Owl 1 has been killed during a television news cast. He loses control and beats a Knot Head gang member severely. He knocks his teeth out in a bloody mess. He becomes Rorschach for this one brief scene. Rorschach pulls him off of the Knot Head, telling him: Not in public.
  • watchmen-director's-cut-differences-5

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  • Lewis

    I Cannot wait to see this film I should have gone to the pictures but I am waiting for it to come out on DVD. Alot of people said it was not that good. But I’m looking forward to it.

  • I would read the 12-issue comic book first if I were you.

  • Wow, that's a pretty detailed list of differences. I personally loved the theatrical version too. Overall, it was pretty good and I didn't know much about Watchmen prior the movie so I don't really have anything to complain about regarding what scenes/events the director and writers chose to include in the movie and which ones they didn't. It certainly is a tough job to shrink such a long comic book into one film and I think Snyder has done a great job.

  • Thanks One Piece.

    Snyder had balls trying to adapt Watchmen.

  • Thanks One Piece.

    Snyder had balls trying to adapt Watchmen.

  • rockinrors

    I find Watchmen to be a great movie, and I like it better each time I watch it.
    I preferred the director's cut to the theatrical, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily better.
    The theatrical has more mainstream appeal (obviously).
    I am intrigued to see if the Ultimate Cut is any good, although I can't yet, seeing as it is yet to be released here in Australia.
    My thoughts are it will be two long, and full of too many unnecessary moments.
    Have you seen it, and what were your thoughts?

  • I have not seen it yet but it includes the footage form the director's cut plus the footage from here:


  • DELA

    Thanks this really helped. I saw derectors cut last night. I'm surprised how much I got from the first viewing. I think it was better, but longer doesn't work so well in theaters.

  • No problem.

    Longer worked for Return of the King and The Godfather.

  • K101

    Buy it online from Amazon and avoid the wait – the Aussie dollar is Strong. Assuming you've chipped the region setting on your dvd player.

  • I have a region free DVD player. You can read more about region free dvd players here:

  • Hope there will be Watchmen 2, Zack Snyder is the best!

  • From everything I have read, there won’t be.

  • Subzero288

    Call him “a bad word for a gay person.” You couldn’t just write “fag”? Are you 12 years old AND a virgin?

  • No.

    I’m not.

  • i thought this was by far the worst film i have ever watched in my 44 years of living! who in gods name wrote this film a couple of crackhead / pothead stoners like Jeff Spicolli. how this movie became a box office hit with some of the inane story lines and stereotypical charicters like nixon and kissenger. and this psycho ‘Rorschach’ and that certifiable thing that calls himself the ‘Comedian’ i would have thrown the both of them out a window after lighting them both on fire.
    not even one star! a wooden nickel maybe!

  • I certainly was not as good as its comic book but I will take it over Thor and Green Lantern.

    “and this psycho ‘Rorschach’ and that certifiable thing that calls himself the ‘Comedian’ i would have thrown the both of them out a window after lighting them both on fire.”

    Lol. That is the great thing about Watchmen, that the heroes were as bad or worse than the villans. They have real human problems and frailties.

  • Julian Seguin


    I’d like to see you try.

    Either one of them could kick your ass. And they probably would end up throwing YOU out a window.

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