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ZERO DARK THIRTY (2012): ABC News Reports On Real CIA Agent in Film

Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Thirty

ABC News Reports on Zero Dark Thirty CIA Agent. The real CIA agent played by Jessica Chastain, codename Mia, in Kathryn Bigelow‘s Zero Dark Thirty (2012) was mentioned in two ABC News reports recently broadcast on TV.

Of course her name and background are undisclosed as she still works for the CIA but the brief news segments are still fascinating to watch. Zero Dark Thirty is the “true story of a single female CIA agent (Jessica Chastain) who spent the better part of ten years focused on finding Bin Laden, following leads and sources many others thought to be wastes of time. The film is a eye-opening, fascinating and incredible piece of work culminating in the nail-biting, now-legendary raid in Pakistan.”

Furthermore, being “as the film is based on realities uncovered by the tireless research of producer/screenwriter Mark Boal, revealing inner machinations and characters most Americans [are] unaware of”.

I have to say that the realities, the human story behind Zero Dark Thirty, make it an even more compelling film to view.

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Source: Thefilmstage, Slashfilm