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BLINKYTM (2010) Short FIlm: Ruairi Robinson, Max Records, Jenni Fontana

BlinkyTM, bloody

The BlinkyTM Short Film has been released. Ruairi Robinson‘s BlinkTM (2010) stars Max Records, Skoti CollinsJames Nardini, and Jenni FontanaBlinkyTM‘s plot synopsis: “its the story of a boy whose newly bought robot best friend might not be 100% safe.” This short film is high-end, real high-end. I wish to God this was a feature length horror film. Its that good. Now that is how you build up to a satisfying horror ending. The parents at each others throats, on the brink of getting a divorce, devoid of caring whether their son hears their arguments or not was a very effective backdrop for this short film. It grounded the film in reality and made what happens with the boy, his angry, more realistic.

“Ready or not here I come.” Prophetic words. The setup with the feedback loop and what the machine is ordered to do by its human owner were well orchestrated. Obviously Blinky is not governed by Isaac Asimov‘s Three Laws of Robotics (which is a ridiculous oversight) but was it the water or the orders that made the machine turn? Isn’t Blinky waterproof? Horror movies these days are rarely original. Now we have BlinkyTM, short film that out shines most feature length horror films recently released in theaters. Even the BlinkyTM Movie Trailer was good. If you are a horror fan, do yourself a favor and watch the BlinkyTM short film below. You’ll be watching it multiple times.

Source: Quietearth

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