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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 3, Episode 12: Resistance [TNT]

Eric Dane Resistance The Last Ship

The Last Ship Resistance Review. The Last Ship: Season 3, Episode 12: Resistance crossed some major lines for the Nathan James as the penultimate episode chose to kick it up a notch with the action sequences and took viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride. When you have a naval leader risking his own life for his team and country, it drives us back to why we love Tom Chandler (Eric Dane). When you have a Chief of Naval Operations and his crew on the run from their own government, there will obviously be lots of tension as we see how they could possibly get out of this situation. ‘Resistance’ was treated as more of a beginning to an end of a chapter that began during the start of the season.

‘Resistance’ finally got to show Tom, Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin), and the rest of the Nathan James heading to San Diego to face Allison Shaw (Elizabeth Rohm) and the regional leaders as they have issued an arrest warrant against him and the crew. With Tom wanting to protect what’s left of the free world, the show gets to return to it’s roots with a blend of action and adventure. The drama flourishes when the Chief of Naval Operations has to balance between his duty to his country and his family while he fights against threats both domestic and foreign.

Most of the season focused too much on the tensions growing between Tom and the government over what should be done to stop the Chinese government from destroying the cure. With the penultimate episode, the former captain finally came back to his original shape using some tactical force to regain control of the situation. One of the best and rather clever scenes in the episode was when Tom had to rely on his instincts when he was being targeted by the regional leaders. With some quick thinking, Tom managed to divert the missiles to hit another ship rather than the Nathan James in order to get to land safely and sneak up at the naval base.

Despite becoming heroes after spreading the cure, their government has betrayed them and left them to die. The crew now has no choice but to hit back against their own to save what is left of America. This should start creeping up on Allison as the crew is not far behind from stopping her and the regional leaders. Since Allison wants to control the government, it’s remarkable that Allison reflexively conveys her uncertainties. With the choices she’s been making, Allison is already starting to have doubts on her future plans for the country.

One of the most emotional scenes we got to witness was the reunion between Danny (Travis Van Winkle) and Kara (Marissa Neitling). The married couple have faced every turmoil this season while they were apart and it’s great that they finally got to be together again. The troubles that they faced this season is now something they can fight together.

As the episode starts to wind down and heading into the season finale, Tom and his crew finally come together after being apart for so long and will now aim to stop Allison and the regional leaders from deconstructing the government and let their society fall. It will be difficult to see how the American people will respond as they’ve been desperate to follow whoever leads their government in order to survive. It’s a question of whether things will go back to normal when President Howard Oliver (John Cothran) comes back to power or if it will make things worse for the country. It will be interesting to see what the future of the show will be after next week’s finale and see if any new threats arises while also attempting to rebuild a country that is about to fall.

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