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TV Review: OUTCAST: Season 2, Episode 3: Not My Job to Judge [Cinemax]

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Outcast: Not My Job to Judge Review

Cinemax’s Outcast, season 2, episode 3, ‘Not My Job to Judge,’ perked my ears up, a bit, after initially suggesting some potential plot retread. By the end, both Kyle (Patrick Fugit) & Sidney (Brent Spiner) stepped up their game, with some past players adding extra weight to their respective roles. If that wasn’t enough, there were stirrings of a next generation of players, waiting in the wings.

Sidney gave Aaron (C.J. Hoff) the “pain is weakness leaving the body” spiel, with a side of “then they’ll pay.” Then, just for anyone rolling their eyes at that delivery, he signs no-more-Mr-Nice-Sidney with the blood of a fellow Occupied’s pet Vacant Lot. Message delivered.

That Occupied would lose more than that; but that was just to set up something that came later. Something promising.

On the opposite end, to the Circle of Life, Anderson (Philip Glenister) had just interrupted Megan’s (Wrenn Schmidt) ultimate getaway; at which point, she seemed to remember it being a bad idea – maybe because she still had a daughter, ‘n all (“Mom, where did you go?” “Oh… crazy.”).

Not only that, but Anderson got to tag the episode title, with 38 minutes of episode left. There was. I checked.

It might not’ve been Anderson’s job to judge; but it is mine; so I’m gonna be judgmental for a minute, or several hundred.

Allison (Kate Lyn Sheil) had a role in this episode – and not just to placate Amber (Madeleine McGraw), after her runaway stunt – Allison was to join Megan in the under observation, pending repossession, column.

Between Allison & Megan, the whole denial deal was kept alive. This could go on for a while; but considering how far ahead their respective kids have been on the subject, I’m hoping the focus eventually passes from the too-grown-to-catch-on, to the growing-too-fast-to-miss-the-obvious.

Aaron doesn’t fall into either category, of course. He’s just the resident snot.

Amber alert – she has hands, and she knows how to use ’em. I’m not sure what that was, at the aquarium, but it seemed to pass as a stuff-the-kids-are-doing-in-the-background moment. With Holly (Callie Brook McClincy) paraphrasing the signature line from American Gothic (underrated 90s series – I don’t know what last year’s Summer series was supposed to be), it looks like that will be a thing.

I’m also waiting for some acknowledgement of the role reversal, regarding Kyle & Megan; but maybe his acts of intervention won’t be be necessary long enough to be ironic (here’s hoping). While the prospects of an Allison/ Megan repossession smacked of retread, Megan following the signs to a ‘serious effort’ did sort of lead her into a run-in with Dakota (Madelyn Deutch). I’m not entirely sure why, just yet, but I find Dakota sightings encouraging.

Team Bad Touch has not only been put back together, it’s got a new face, a new dimension, and a new swagger to it. Bob (M.C. Gainey) was introduced as a Black Bag Man/ Cleaner; but not for the key player initially suggested. Given Gainey’s knack for playing the merry menace, I guess it should’ve been obvious; but the role would’ve fit either way.

Once Hawks, Doves, Believers, and Heretics all got to owning their positions, and on the same page, TBT pulled a win that could be a game-changer. This was progress. Sidney & co. have been shrugging at the resistance for too long, now – I want escalation, dammit.

With Amber & Holly’s mystic muscles starting to twitch, their mothers facing possible repossession, word of Kyle having a mantle to take up, and the reveal of Sidney’s position as legacy, I may have just been given a reason to not just expect escalation, but expansion.


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