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ARROW: Season 2, Episode 13: ‘Heir to the Demon’ TV Show Trailer & Clips

Katrina Law Arrow Heir to the Demon

The CW‘s Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 Heir to the Demon trailer and clips. The title to this week’s episode of Arrow should speak volumes to Batman fans; any story with “The Demon” in the title was likely to involve the world of Batman arch-villain Ra’s al Ghul (Joker can have a Coke & a smile). To those same fans, however, heirship to Ra’s al Ghul means his eldest daughter, Talia. Well, being the eldest daughter does rule out being the only daughter, after all; so between Talia’s appearance on the big screen, and her tumultuous relationship with her father, the titular subject of this episode of Arrow will be the other Ghul Girl, Nyssa (Katrina Law).

Katrina Law and Nyssa al Ghul were previously mentioned, here: SPARTACUS’ Katrina Law has been Cast as Nyssa al Ghul

There is a somewhat misleading element to the episode title, however. Nyssa Raatko (Nyssa al Ghul) will only constitute the ‘effect’ of the episode, with Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) as the ’cause.’ ‘Heir to the Demon’ will be as much about the Lance family, before its fracture over the loss of Sara, as it will be about Nyssa’s effort to retrieve her, after her return as the Canary.

Highlights to the episode’s sneak peeks include a snapshot of a full & functional Lance household, the public arrival of Nyssa Raatko (and a reason why basic Krav Maga/Sambo should at least be discussed with TSA guards), the Arrow (Stephen Amell) attempting to stop her, and a breakdown by series producer Andrew Kreisberg.

The ‘Heir to the Demon’ previews also feature Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy, Alex Kingston, and David Ramsey.

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Sources: CWTV, SpoilerTV

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