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BELLFLOWER (2011) Movie Trailer: Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson, Jessie Wiseman

Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson, Bellflower, 2011

The Bellflower Trailer has premiered. Evan Glodell‘s Bellflower (2011) movie trailer stars Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson, Jessie Wiseman, Vincent Grashaw, and Keghan HurstBellflower‘s plot synopsis: “Best friends Woodrow and Aiden spend all of their free time building Mad Max-inspired flamethrowers and muscle cars in preparation for a global apocalypse. But when Woodrow meets a charismatic young woman and falls hard in love, he and Aiden quickly integrate into a new group of friends, setting off on a journey of love and hate, betrayal, infidelity and extreme violence more devastating and fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies.”

I really like the way they blended the film critic quotes with the action and dramatic elements in this movie trailer. I also like the muscle cars. What is good about indies like this is that they do not have to follow any rules. One question: Where do Woodrow and Aiden get the scratch to purchase and fix up the muscle cars?

Bellflower also stars Alexandra Boylan and Brian Thomas Evans.

Watch the Bellflower movie trailer below and leave your thoughts on it. For more Bellflower videos, photos, and information, check out our Bellflower Page. Bellflower has no US theater release date yet.

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