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BRAND: A SECOND COMING (2015) Movie Trailer: Ondi Timoner Documents Russell Brand’s Ascension

Brand: A Second Coming Trailer

Brand: A Second Coming Trailer. Ondi Timoner‘s Brand: A Second Coming (2015) movie trailer stars Russell BrandKaty Perry, and Noel GallagherBrand: A Second Coming‘s plot synopsis: “Follows comedian/author/activist Russell Brand as he dives headlong into drugs, sex & fame in an attempt to find happiness, only to realize that our culture feeds us bad ideas & empty idols. Through his stand up, Brand explores his own true icons – Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X & Jesus Christ- & evolves from addict & Hollywood star to an unexpected political disruptor & newfound hero to the underserved. Will Brand hold fast against the roar of criticism to break out of the very system that built him?”

“A narcissist who doesn’t wanna be filmed”, may be the most encapsulating snippet of dialogue here. Many people will watch this trailer, hear of the premise of Russell Brand’s new-found respect for life and morality, and have suspicious thoughts along the lines of that above quote. A celebrity, a cool rich actor who’s suddenly speaking of revolution – how dare he take himself so seriously? How dare he speak of these important political issues, squandering their respectability by offering them up with philosophical musings in a documentary that seems to be all about him?

For transparency’s sake, let me offer up my opinion. It’s very basic. I like Russell Brand, and I think he’s a very intelligent, funny, seemingly kind man. He seems aware of himself, and is attempting to shed some light on the very harrowing issues of the world. If this new-found sense of righting our wrongs comes from an egotistical place – I don’t care. Good for him.

Regarding this film by Ondi Timoner, I think it looks like a wild ride through an eccentric, caffeinated mind that’s juggling a dozen contradictory thoughts all at once and trying to find a balanced manner of living. If you’ve never heard of Timoner, do yourself a favour and watch We Live In Public. It captures the last moments of pre-Y2K, a world in which the internet wasn’t yet ubiquitous, where phone booths were common place, Friends was just halfway through its course, and 9/11 would reshuffle the board we’re living on in ways we couldn’t even imagine outside of popular science-fiction. It’s an incredible documentary about a world long gone, and I happened to catch it on cable one night, double-billing it with The Beach (which went perfectly).

I look forward to this documentary and more from Timoner. She’s a great documentary talent that should be paid more attention to. I hope Brand: A Second Coming reaffirms that belief.

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