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Évolution (2016) Movie Trailer: Visually Luscious, Tonally Eerie French Horror

Max Brebant Évolution

Évolution Movie Trailer. Lucile Hadzihalilovic‘s Évolution (2016) movie trailer stars Max Brebant, Roxane Duran and Julie-Marie ParmentierÉvolution‘s plot synopsis: “The only residents of young Nicholas’s seaside town are women and boys. When he sees a dead body in the ocean one day, he begins to question his existence and surroundings. Why must he, and all the other boys, be hospitalised?”

I have no idea what’s happening here, but there seems to be a confluence of cult, surgical experimentation (cloning?) and kids who have mysterious interior lives amidst the control of these nefarious adults surrounding them. The trailer is very alluring in its visuals and shot selection. There’s an inherent unease to some of the framing, the faces of people cast, which all points to a deep understanding of what is unsettling and disconcerting. This is exactly what I like to see, in regards to the directorial hands I’m in, regarding my horror sensibilities. I’m excited!

According to FirstShowing, “The first teaser trailer has debuted for French director Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s new film Evolution, which premiered at TIFF to some very interesting reviews. One review says it’s a ‘silly horror movie at heart’ that seems to ‘confuse ideas with prolonged silences’, hence the very mesmerizing and haunting footage in this trailer. In the film, Max Brebant stars as Nicholas, a boy living in a mysterious, isolated seaside clinic who uncovers the sinister purposes of his keepers.”

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