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EXTANT: Episodes 2.06 & 07: You Say You Want an Evolution/ The Other: TV Show Trailer [CBS]

Henderson Wade Extant You Say You Want an Evolution & The Other

TV show trailer for CBS Extant episodes You Say You Want an Evolution & The Other. Resisting all temptation to take the bait, about the title, I will say that Molly (Halle Berry) has grown some, since season 2 began; but only in facets, and none of them have been particularly helpful (except maybe Mad Molly, but the referees are still reviewing her plays). Her son from another Sun, Adhu (Henderson Wade), however, has not only grown quite considerably, he’s been positively spreading.

So far, Tobias Shepherd (David Morrissey) has managed to marshal Mad Molly’s unique experience, on the side of nativist humanity. Mother Molly, however, looks to be winning out; as the Space Spores within her seem to be taking hold. The result is a bit of Sympathy for the Devil; and Tobias, taking her pleas of Hybrid vulnerability as a call to genocide, is only going to make this ‘misunderstanding’ that much more personal.

Add to all this the fact that an army of Humanichs is being called for, and it looks like Mother Molly will be dragging her other selves to a defection, over the course of this two-episode installment of Extant.

Of course, poor JD (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be made to go along….

‘You Say You Want an Evolution’ official synopsis:

Molly panics when she discovers she is changing physically – the question is into what, and whether she can reverse what’s happening to her. Also, JD’s ex-wife, Dorothy (Melina Kanakaredes), shows up suddenly on his doorstep to discuss their daughter.

‘The Other’ official synopsis:

Molly and JD try to convince Shepherd to broker a peace between humans and hybrids. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to manipulate Charlie’s feelings to put him in a compromising position.

So more fun with Lucy (Kiersey Clemons), at Charlie’s (Tyler Hilton) expense (sorry Charlie)!

‘You Say You Want an Evolution’ & ‘The Other’ also feature Pierce Gagnon, Grace GummerHilarie Burton, McKenna RobertsCleo Anthony, Jamaal Hepburn, Patrick JohnsonColton WheelerMelissa Tang, Necar ZadeganLyndon Smith, and Goran Visnjic. They air Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 9:00 pm, EST, on CBS.

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