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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Season 2.14: Wrath: Trailer & Clip [AMC]

Mercedes Mason Fear the Walking Dead Wrath

Fear the Walking Dead: Wrath Trailer & Clip

AMC‘s Fear the Walking Dead ‘Wrath’ trailer & clip stars Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, Frank DillaneAlycia Debnam-Carey, Mercedes Mason, Lorenzo James Henrie, Danay Garcia, Karen Bethzabe, Paul Calderon, Alejandro Edda, Kelly BlatzKenny Wormald, Raul Casso, Andres Londono, and Brenda Strong.

The second season of FTWD goes out with a double episode – which is good, considering how many scattered characters may need concentrating on. Getting Travis (Cliff Curtis) back into the fold might have been good for Madison (Kim Dickens); but the subsequent arrival of two ‘acquaintances’ of his may prove to be the tipping point, to the now precariously packed ship she had been running, at the Rosarito Hotel. Gate crashing, extreme enforcement, and bubbling tensions ensue. It looks like Strand (Colman Domingo) may have gotten better just in time to not get worse (and help the others do the same, I guess – he got attached).

Elsewhere, Nick (Frank Dillane) may have reached that inevitable point of having worn out his welcome. Considering that Marco’s (Alejandro Edda) Narcos were now at the Colonia commune’s doorstep, this is typically the point where rats jump ship. Of course Nick is going to want to curb his survivor’s instinct, for some noble this, that, and the other thing; but we’ve seen how cast refuge always turn out. The real question is who (if anyone) gets to jump the shark ship with him – the paternal figure casting him out, or the maternal figure (with benefits) casting him out.

Lest we forget (’cause I’m sure many of us keep doing so), Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) has been on Walkabout (sounds more noble than ghosting grand theft auto). From the looks of the clip (entitled ‘Double Trouble’), she is either on to something worth fighting her way to, gets into trouble she has to fight her way out of, or has just decided she needed to be in fighting shape, should any larger cast reunion include her. Whichever the case, it would be nice to see the kids of the cast all earn their Rick Certification, finally.

Except for Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). Chris gets Shane shame.

‘Wrath’ airs Sunday, Oct. 2, at 9:00pm EST, on AMC.

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 Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Wrath’ Trailer:

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Wrath: Double Trouble’ Clip:

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