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Series Creator Reveals The Show’s Concept. At this past weekend’s Monster Mania convention, Friday the 13th: The Crystal Lake Chronicles creator and executive producer Sean S. Cunningham stated that the show would have a “meta” narrative by being based on the “real” city of Crystal Lake and that The CW is expressing interest in picking up the series.

“Friday the 13th The Franchise” squeezed this juicy tidbit out of him during a Q&A,

Sean Cunningham confirmed interest from the CW in regards to pick up for the TV show. According to him, the basic premise focuses on the REAL city of Crystal Lake, and the effect that the serialized films had on its real life counterpart. This allows them to re-imagine Jason in a more grounded reality, as the films would be based off the real life killings that tool place at the Camp. (i.e., both the Hockey Masked Jason and a more serious backwoods inspired killer will be making appearances throughout.

After recently undertaking a massive Friday the 13th movie marathon session, I walked away feeling that much of the nostalgia for the franchise is unwarranted. I make no argument that the Jason Voorhees character gets into the all-time movie villain pantheon. He’s a cold and menacing bogeyman whose silence is as terrifying as anything uttered by Hannibal Lecter. The films however, range in quality from bad to atrocious. A supernatural killer that returns to their hunting grounds to murder young and beautiful victims has been done ad nauseam. It’s refreshing to see that Cunningham plans on taking a new approach to the iconic franchise that is in large part responsible for many modern day slasher film tropes. However, the whole meta narrative of the series does sound awfully similar to Wes Craven’s Scream franchise (which is also getting a television adaptation).

This new iteration is also going to be the type of “teen-drama” that the CW thrives on. Seeing what The CW has done with their series The 100 leaves me optimistic that should The Crystal Lake Chronicles land with them that we could expect a fresh and compelling take on a stale genre.

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