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TV Review: Fringe: Season 1, Ep. 13: The Transformation, Ep. 14: Ability


Fringe Season 1, Ep. 13 – The Transformation has one of best openers I have seen on a television show in some time and Fringe Season 1, Ep. 14 – Ability had one of the best Fringe plot-lines. I did not know what was going to happen to the male airline passenger bleeding in Fringe Season 1, Ep. 13 – The Transformation but I knew it would be bad. When he got to the flight attendants and asked for tranquilizers is when the scene kicked into high-anticipatory gear. I did not know what was going to happen in that bathroom but I was glued. The rest of the episode was entertaining but no where near what was achieved in its opening scene.

Fringe Season 1, Ep. 14 – Ability was very good and built up the back story that is slowly building within Fringe. It will be intriguing to see how that Technology Manifesto plays into the show. Agent Dunham’s injection when she was a baby in Jacksonville, Florida and her latent abilities was a very cool revelation. At first I thought Dr. Walter Bishop’s experiments on Peter when he was a child gave him the needed abilities but it turned out that Dunham was given the injection after all. Turns out she may be one of the “unwilling recruits” spoken of in the Manifesto. There is one thing that always bothered me about Dr. Bishop. Why doesn’t he record his work, verify it through trails, write papers and publish his achievements? Obviously some of them should not be made public but some, like the matter transporter, could. All he has to say is that it is not safe for humans. Dr. Bishop could be the most noted scientist in history and yet he does not teach his proven theories, write them down or do anything with them. All he does is solve FBI cases with them. This is a plot whole that should be addressed. What did you think of Fringe Season 1, Ep. 13 – The Transformation and Fringe Season 1, Ep. 14 – Ability?

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