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GOTHAM: Fox TV series will feature the Scarecrow

Scarecrow Batman Begins

Gotham will feature the Scarecrow. Fox‘s Gotham will at some point include the Scarecrow. This classic Batman villain typically adds a sense of surreal horror to the already unique and dangerous city of Gotham, and he has become well-known since playing a major role in

Christopher Nolan‘s Batman Begins.

No media of Gotham‘s take on Scarecrow have been released yet, but series producer Danny Cannon announced that he will debut as a child, and inherit the villain role from his father. This could represent quite a departure from his typical origins as a legitimate psychologist, and recalls the introduction the future Poison Ivy got in the pilot episode. Details are still scarce, but it seems likely Gotham City will get a dose of hallucinogenics a few years early this time.

On Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane):

Crane has a fear of bats, and is obsessed with fear and revenge as a result of having been bullied throughout his childhood and adolescence for his lanky frame and bookishness, especially because of his resemblance to Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. After being humiliated by school bully Bo Griggs and rejected by cheerleader Sherry Squires, he takes revenge during the senior prom by donning his trademark scarecrow costume and brandishing a gun in the school parking lot; in the ensuing chaos, Griggs gets into a car accident, paralyzing himself and killing Squires.

Crane’s obsession with fear leads to his becoming a psychiatrist, taking a position at Arkham Asylum and performing fear-inducing experiments on his patients. He is also a professor of psychology at Gotham University, specializing in the study of phobias. He loses his job after he fires a gun inside a packed classroom, accidentally wounding a student; he takes revenge by killing the professors responsible for his termination, and becoming a career criminal.

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Source: Wikipedia, Zap2it

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