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GOTHAM: Man-Bat Can Possibly Come In Season Three [Fox]


Gotham May End Up Getting Man-Bat in Season Three 

We were previously told that Man-Bat would be one of the villains not showing up on Gotham. However, with the direction that the Fox crime drama is going for in season three, it may not be the case. According to EP Ken Woodruff, Kirk Langgstrom may soon come to Gotham.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the executive producer spoke about how the landscape of Gotham was going to change once season three begins. “The last season was really an attempt to say, this is how supervillains exist; this is why. They didn’t just pop into being, they were birthed out of Indian Hill and some of the things that were going on in the city at the time,” he said.

Speaking on whether it was the show’s intention to introduce the monsters of Gotham into the new season, Woodruff added:

That was always the goal. And how it changes the show going forward is that we can still always pull from that Carmine Falcone mobster, more gritty, noir-ish world to tell stories, but we can also have this new element of Man Bat or Firefly or Mr. Freeze and the technology that surrounds that.

This certainly changes things after what John Stephens said a few months ago about not adding certain villains into the series. With the season introducing the likes of Solomon Grundy and other crazy villains, it would make sense for Man-Bat to make a cameo.

The new season will be focusing on the rise of these supervillains and the fall of heroes. “The idea and notion of heroes falling is the bigger thing that we’re accomplishing for the season as a whole,” Ken Woodruff said. “If last season was about, how did supervillains come into existence, then this season is about the other half of that, which is not only do you need supervillains to exist for a city to fall, but also you need your heroes to fall.”

Would you want to see Man-Bat in Gotham?

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