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Nov 23, 2012

GUMDROP (2012) Short Film: Kerry Conran, Stephen Lawes, Venti Hristova

Gumdrop Fred Astaire

Gumdrop Short Film. Kerry Conran, Stephen LawesGumdrop (2012) short film stars Venti Hristova and is a WIGS creation. Gumdrop‘s plot synopsis: “The 27-year old Bulgarian actress has appeared in films with Fred Astaire and Charlie Chaplin, and now she’s auditioning for a new film with someone called TikTok…A robot’s life story emerges during a casting session.”

Very cool short film with great for the lead character, in this case, a slim robot. Think Kara and Blinky (but without the horror).

More on this short film: Gumdrop is voiced “by visual effects artist Venti Hristova (who sounds like a dead wringer for Kristen Schaal)”

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Source: Firstshowing, Youtube