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Kick-Ass Red Band Movie Trailer 2

The second red band movie trailer for Kick-Ass (2010) has premiered. In Valen’s Name does this film look boss. I am definitely sitting down to read Kick-Ass before watching the film after seeing this red band movie trailer for it. Kick-Ass Red Band Movie Trailer: Hit Girl and Kick-Ass International Red Band Movie Trailer were good but this one blows them both away. They might be giving away too much of the film but at this point its too late. I’m in. I’m sold. Consider my movie ticket bought and paid for. I love how the standard issue hot girl says how she would f*ck Kick-Ass and he is sitting right there. Classic, plus you already see that he at least makes out with her. Perhaps being Kick-Ass makes him confident enough to go after her, mask or no mask. Check out the Kick-Ass Red Band Movie Trailer 2 below and leave your thoughts on it. Kick-Ass will be released on April 16, 2010.

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  • Kick-Ass is a must-see for 2010. Hit Girl is gonna rock some bad guy ass. I just hate I have to wait six more weeks!

  • If I go to SXSW, a film pr company offered to setup interviews and so forth for me. If I was making more from this website I would go. A plane ticket and hotel is a lot of scratch.

  • I understand that. That would be cool if it could happen. I think I'm going to put SXSW on my bucket list and start squirreling away for it.

  • Frak the bucket list. Once I get “the big boy” online, I'll have the scratch to indulge myself with film festivals…hopefully.

  • Lew1

    Ok so I just watched the film yesterday at an advanced screening in the UK. It is quite good but the trailers gave way to much away. The beginning of the film was really good and funny but then when it got to the middle part like 1 hour in it was a bit boring and I found myself thinking get to the point, but the ending scenes made up for it. If you like violence then you will love this.

  • Lew1

    Oh yeah Nick Cage as big daddy and hit girl were so funny, they kept the film going

  • You lucky bastard. Man. Everybody is seeing this before me and I run two movie sites. I have the comic on my hard drive but I never get around to reading it. I have got too much other stuff to do. Glad to hear the film is good at the beginning and the end. I love appropriate violence within the context of the story and if that is the case, I believe I will be happy with Kick-Ass.

  • They were the best parts in all the promotional materials.

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