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LET ME IN: “Amputation” Scene Missing


I recently saw Let Me In – a few hours ago – and was looking forward to a particular scene from John Ajvide Lindqvist’s book Let the Right One In in the movie. I will not ruin the nature of the amputation scene from the book but it evolves the past and Abby (Chloe Moretz). The reason I believed this scene was in the film was because of the Let Me In movie trailer and this still from the film. Notice the rings on the hand holding down Abby’s head on a table and the old school nails (from the movie trailer).

One scene in Let Me In that actually speaks to this deleted scene was when Abby chides The Father (Richard Jenkins) in a non-little girl voice. After hearing that, I was really looking forward to seeing the amputation scene. Let Me In is a horror film after all. Horrible things are supposed to happen to people. Sadly, it is not present in the film and seems to have been deleted. Hopefully it will show up on DVD and Blu-ray. Did you read the book, see the movie trailer and the film, and notice the missing scene?

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  • So Film-Book tell me about the scene, hell preface it with a (SPOILER) tag or something or come over to my space and drop it on me but I want to know. In the original movie they showed stitches where it happened and in this one she kept on about the “i’m not a girl” thing and when it came time to deliver they skipped it. Could you please detail the scene for me. Thanks.

  • Logan_Essex

    I had actually forgotten about that shot from the trailer, but I did notice the scene of the sunlight hitting Abby’s arm wasn’t in the movie.

    But it’s become a bit of a hobby of mine to pick out scenes in trailers that aren’t actually in the movie. Let Me In certainly isn’t the first movie this year to have done this, and it most certainly won’t be the last.

  • You’ve actually already touched on it but don’t know it. That is part of what I was driving at. There is more too it though. It’s fraked up, it really is. Put it this way, amputation could easily be replaced by another word. I don’t want to ruin it for people. It’s in the book.

  • I know. Iron Man 2 was another one.

  • Yanijuarez

    it’s not in the film cuz it looks like rape, nuff said.

  • Yanijuarez

    it’s not in the film cuz it looks like rape, nuff said.

  • Rape is horrible act of violation. Let Me In is a horror movie. Its not oil and water, its oil and oil.

  • Taken_good_ones

    There is no excuse for the depiction of child rape. Under US laws it should count as child pornography, and regardless of how soft the laws are interpreted now, it is to me. I’m not a fan of child torture or genital mutilation either. SWome things are too sick to be in ANY movie regardless of rating or that it is a horror film. Anyone who was looking forward to seeing a 12 year old get mutilated and raped should probably be in jail.

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