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LIGHTS OUT (2011) has been Canceled by FX: John Landgraf

Catherine McCormack, Holt McCallany, Lights Out

Lights Out has been canceled by the FX Network after only its first season. John Landgraf (President of FX)’s announcement about the cable TV show hit me out of left field. I hadn’t been paying attention to Lights Out‘ ratings (whose trailer we posted here: Lights Out (2011) TV Show Trailer) but I had been watching the show every Tuesday night at 10 pm. Who knew a show about boxing could be that engrossing? Lights Out’s plot centered around “as an aging former heavyweight boxing champion [Holt McCallany] who struggles to find his identity and support his wife and three daughters [played by Meredith HagnerRyann Shane, and Lily Pilblad] after retiring from the ring. Financial problems leave him at a perilous crossroads – battling the urge to return to boxing or reluctantly accepting a job as a brutal and intimidating debt collector. Catherine McCormack (Braveheart) co-stars as “Theresa Leary,” Lights’ wife who is finishing her medical residency; Pablo Schreiber (Law & Order) as “Johnny Leary,” Lights’ brother and business manager whom Lights put through college; and Stacy Keach (Fat City) as “Pops,” Lights’ father and former trainer who runs the boxing gym owned by Lights.” Apparently the TV drama that revolved around boxing was not engrossing to others.

Lights Out never found traction in the ratings, leading to FX’s decision to cancel it after one season. It premiered in January with 1.5 million viewers and slipped further throughout its run, averaging 863,000 viewers per first-run episode vs. 2.7 million for Justified.

FX president John Landgraf praised the quality of the show and McCallany’s performance and said that in the end, it all came down to Lights Out’s subject matter “The audience didn’t want to watch a show about boxing,” he said. “We never got any traction” during the pre- and post-launch marketing and publicity campaign.  Landgraf said that he is not concerned by having two new series in row, Terriers and Lights Out strike out. “That’s baseball,” he said. “If you put on 4 shows, two of them work, Sons of Anarchy and Justified, and the other two are Terriers and Lights Out, that’s pretty good.”

This is sad news. I was looking forward to seeing what happened with Light’s brain damage during Season Two, especially after fighting Death Row Reynolds (Billy Brown) again. Now the title bout at the end of this season is going to be the series’ Swan song. What do you think about Lights Out being canceled?

Source: Deadline

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  • ganderman1

    Sadness. I’m a fan. I hope Eamonn Walker is remembered at Emmy time.

  • Stacey

    I am tired of investing in FX series (Lights Out and Terriers) and then the network canceling after one season. I am not a boxing fan but have actually started watching boxing because of the show. It is premimun channel quality! Boo FX!

  • Gacook67

    way to go FX u freakin idiots maybe you can replace Lights Out with some more showings of Ironman or a freakin Spiderman marathon. Message to John Landgraf remove head from ass

  • Gacook67

    Maybe another network will pick it up and keep Lights going please.

  • They do show those films too often.

  • I doubt that.

  • Doug

    I’m so friggin’ pissed! This was absolutely the best new drama series since Hill Street Blues. Damn, I loved LIGHTS OUT! Great acting, textured characters, engrossing story lines, realistic sets, and intelligent! How can this not be picked up by HBO or Showtime? What’s wrong with these honchos? F**K!!!

  • Good season and series finale last night. Too bad we won’t see where that storyline went.

  • PssttCmere

    More disappointing news….they might have tried advertising it more like they do some of their other series. I think canceling Terriers was a mistake too!!

  • incredibly disappointed. I just finished the last episode and was searching for people’s thoughts on whether he really couldn’t remember who won of if he was referring to all the people pulling the strings, and i see this. garbage. I also enjoyed terriers. I wish that this garbage wasn’t so wrapped up in ratings. The general public has terrible taste when it comes to TV. Stop asking the masses which new reality shows they want to see. Both of these shows were excellent and because you asked the mob of fat lazy slobs what they wanted you said, well, these weren’t good enough… don’t ask those morons.

  • I saw almost every episode of Terriers. Terrible title for the series though.

  • Magiclegend29

    I hate it. this show was something I looked forward to every tuesday night and is the only show I kept up with from week to week in years. Now granted I’m a fight fan of both Boxing and MMA and think the show should be pitched to spike tv or the VS. channel. These two stations are sports and mainly guy shows anyway. If not those two networks maybe HBO or Showtime. Truly sad about this.

  • Lindadb1

    i really enjoyed lights out., i was looking forward for next season .im not real big boxing fan but i did enjoy this sow.

  • Same here.

  • I watched the show every Tuesday night as well. It was good. The show would do well on HBO or Showtime but how many shows that FX has canceled have they ever picked up? 0.

  • Anonymous

    Just find out about the cancellation. Very upset. I enjoyed the show. I was waiting for it to start up again. Not only did some of my family members were extras in the show I was looking forward to seeing my husband as an extra. I feel bad for my cousin Clark. Maybe HBO will pick it up since several of his shows aired on HBO. i was surprised they went FX. I know FX has had problems with Dish Network in the past now this and who knows who else.

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