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MAN OF STEEL 2 (2015) Casting Rumor: Dwayne Johnson as Green Lantern

Dwayne Johnson Green Lantern

Will Dwayne Johnson be Green Lantern in Man of Steel 2? The latest Batman vs Superman (2015) gossip making it round the film rumor mill is that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be cast in the roll of John Stewart AKA Green Lantern in the Man of Steel sequel.

Considered by many to already be a real life superhero, it’s only fitting that Dwayne Johnson would be the next A-Lister to don the superhero spandex on the big screen. There’s been talk that Johnson would be joining the DC line-up for quite some time, but The Rock’s latest tweet has finally given us a more definitive confirmation: “We just had a big meeting w/ Warner Bros CEO re: @DCComics 2014 we will partner up and create the cool bad assery. #RockTalk @ActionTilson.”

A DC Entertainment/Johnson collaboration is definitely in the works, the question now is, what? With Batman vs Superman the only film in DC’s roster currently in the works; could Johnson be joining the already star studded cast? Tied to the Batman vs Superman cast rumors were that he might appear in a cameo as Doomsday. We find it unlikely Johnson will be making a cameo in the film. With The Fast and the Furious 7 on hiatus, opening up Johnson’s schedule, it’s more likely he’ll play a more prominent character in Batman vs Superman, if he does indeed make an appearance in the film.

With this latest casting development, this new Batman vs. Superman film; whose plot is still unknown, could be turning into DC’s answer to Marvel’s The Avengers. It was recently confirmed that Wonder Woman would be joining the star studded cast, leading many to speculate other members of the Justice League might be joining the cast as well, including the Green Lantern, John Stewart.

Many have speculated the Green Lantern would be integrated into the DC Cinematic Universe eventually and with Ryan Reynolds’ go at the green superhero an onscreen flop, it comes as no surprise they might recast the role. With that being said, Johnson cast as Justice Leaguer Green Lantern is a realistic possibility.

Whatever The Rock is cooking up with DC Entertainment; we’re excited to see the outcome.

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Source: IMDB, Latino Review, Comicbook

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