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POWERLESS: Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk added to NBC’s DC Comics Sitcom Cast

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Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk cast in NBC‘s PowerlessNBC‘s Powerless casting continues, with Community‘s Danny Pudi and Suburgatory‘s Alan Tudyk added following yesterday’s news of Vanessa HudgenscastingIn this NBC sitcom about an insurance company operating within the world of DC Comics, Pudi will play Teddy, Emily Locke’s (Vanessa Hudgens) work best friend. Teddy’s hobbies include dreaming up pranks to pass the time and make the dull world of insurance just a little bit more interesting.

Tudyk will play Del, Emily’s new boss- thanks to his dad, who owns the company. It appears that Tudyk will be the villain of the show, a character who has no problem taking advantage of daddy’s money and the power that comes with it.

These characters are added to the already-cast Christina Kirk, who plays Jackie, an employee obsessed with superheroes and newly slammed with the task of serving as Del’s new personal assistant.

NBC is putting together a super cast for this un-super comedy, with a number of names sure to grab attention. If the pilot gets the green light, NBC will finally have a superhero show to compete with all the other big networks, and superhero fans will have one more item on their already-packed TV viewing schedules.

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