Summer Movies 2011: Letdowns, Failures, Bright Spots on the Horizon

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Summer Movies for 2011 have been hit or miss for me. I have not felt compelled to see much of anything, even lauded films like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern, and Super 8, besides a few films, and I am able go to film screenings pro bono publico. From the first trailer I knew Green Lantern would be a let down and was not surprised when it actually was, though the Green Lantern Wonder-Con footage did give me and many others hope.

There is no film of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King‘s grandeur this summer (even though the film was re-released this summer for one day to promote the release of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray) but to be fair, how could there be, in part or in whole, besides Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2? Glenn Kenny and Sami Jarroush also believe in the less than stellar nature of this summer’s theater offerings.

<a href='http://movies.msn.com/filmfan/?videoId=7fd860d2-3b58-7271-fe45-41dec00ef6d2&#038;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='FilmFan: Best &#038; Worst with Glenn Kenny'>Video: FilmFan: Best &#038; Worst with Glenn Kenny</a>

I haven’t seen Thor yet (I’ll Redbox the DVD for a $1 plus tax in a few months) but Thor winking at his mom, come on?” Mr. Kenny’s assertion that such an action reveals the absurdity of part of the film is absolutely correct. I’ve heard from someone that has seen the film that Thor is a children’s film. How is that possible in the post era of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight? Does Marvel have to make only safe superhero films that do not take risks? Risk can be managed with a good script and a good cast. Daredevil: Director’s Cut had only one of those elements but at least it wasn’t a kiddie film and it also had a large helping of aggressive moments e.g. Elecktra’s stabbing kiss.

Conversely, I’d heard so many good things about X-Men: First Class that I had to see it and was more satisfied than dissatisfied with the film. Our review for the film is up here: Film Review: X-Men: First Class. “Let the dumb parts roll over you” Mr. Kenny recites as he relives his X-Men: First Class viewing experience. I couldn’t. Mr. Kenny later mentions that there is “a lot wrong with the film”. That was the understatement of the summer.

There are bright spots to be had, though, in the coming fall. Those films are and will include upon release: The Tree of Life, A Dangerous Method, Melancholia, and Drive. All of these films I am looking forward to seeing, especially The Tree of Life.

So what films are your favorites so far this summer? Which ones disappointed you after you saw them? Do you agree or disagree with Mr. Kenny? *This is a sponsored content article that is a part of the MSN FilmFan blogger program.

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