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SUPERGIRL: White Martians to Appear in Series [CBS]

Martian Manhunter Supergirl

Supergirl To Introduce the White Martians. After revealing Hank Henshaw’s (David Harewood) true identity as J’Onn J’Onzz on Supergirl, this raised questions like whether or not his backstory would be eplored. Well, it appears that we my see a backstory to Martian Manhunter.

Speaking with ComicBook, David Harewood revealed that we would be seeing the White Martians soon this season. “In Episode 11, we have a visitor from another planet who’s a White Martian,” said Harewood. He also adds:

There are two Martian species – it feels really weird talking about this (laughs) I’ve not been able to say anything about it – there is a Green Martian species and a White Martian species and the White Martians, in our story, are responsible for the death of the whole of the Green Martians. It was a fire and they burned them and we get to see a lot of that.

In the comics, Martian Manhunter lost his family in a war between his people and the White Martians. Since then, he gets weakened by fire, although it just becomes a mental block after the trauma he faced. Harewood explained that fans would see how his journey unfolds before he headed to Earth and all the baggage that he takes with him.

It’s very emotional. It was a very emotional episode for me, just thinking about the whole idea of genocide and, you know, people being burned alive,” Harewood said. “I think it was around the same time as the Paris attacks. it was very emotional. The whole idea of it was weird for me to be playing, but I think it’s going to be a very emotional, powerful episode because you get to see a little bit – the fans are going to be, I think, really delighted to see this because I don’t think, technically, it’s been able to be done before, but I think we’re, thankfully, now living in an age where you get great people like Armen [V. Kevorkian] – our Visual Effects Director – who’s just fantastic and he’s capable of just bringing some of stuff to life and I think fans are really going to get to see a version of Martian Manhunter on the screen that they’ve just never, ever seen before. There’s going to be something in it for the fans and something in it for just the general viewers because it’s some pretty emotional stuff to cover.

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