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THE 100: Season 3, Episode 6: Bitter Harvest: TV Show Trailer & Insider Featurette [The CW]

Lindsey Morgan The 100 Bitter Harvest

TV show trailer & insider featurette for The CW‘s The 100Bitter Harvest. Thelonious ‘Morphius’ Jaha (Isaiah Washington) goes full Timothy Leary, more ‘patients’ sign on for the trip, and Abby (Paige Turco) may be forced to be the bad guy, and harsh some mellows, when Alie’s (Erica Cerra) chips becomes the focus of the next episode of The 100.

After the latest massacre fallout, and overall heavy-handedness at Arkadia, those chips would have an appeal to them; so, of course, side effects make plot happen.

No side effects for Murphy (Richard Harmon), though; his fever dreams will be coming from a more familiar place: strung up, being tortured – might be his element, at this point.

Beyond all that, however, there is the seed of rebellion being sown, by Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), and the matter of level-headed poster child, Raven (Lindsey Morgan), becoming the “turn on, tune in, drop out” poster child for Jaha & Alie. When R.E.M.’s ‘Shining Happy People’ seems very wrong, when applied to someone like Raven, you know something just ain’t right.

As showrunner Jason Rothenberg points out, for an insider look into the episode, Alie’s interest in Raven may be more about her skillset, than her social value; and that the campaign to “end suffering” among the Arkadians may have more to do with Alie’s plans for Humanity, itself – plans that may have a key somewhere within Arkadia’s systems. There’s nothing like a nuclear warhead delivery to whet an A.I.’s appetite, after all.

On the Grounder side of things, a quiet moment for Clarke & Lexa (Eliza TaylorAlycia Debnam-Carey) could’ve just ended with Clexa fans being armed with a Titanic reference (at which point there would be no living with them); but instead we get a mystery box, right out of a Japanese game show, left at their feet.

I’m kidding – not even Rothenberg’s crew would be as cruel as to go Japanese game show – but he doesn’t leave a good impression about the box’s contents. Thank goodness for self-spoiling trailers & sharp eyesight. Didja spot the snot, that came out from a box like some rocks? Well, at least consider the cast list….

‘Bitter Harvest’ also stars Bob Morely, Marie Avgeropoulos Ricky Whittle, Devon BostickChristopher LarkinLuisa D’OliveiraKatie StuartSachin SahelJarod Joseph, Neil Sandilands, Toby Levins, and Michael Beach. It airs Thursday, Feb. 25, at 9pm EST, on The CW.

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