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TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Season 5, Episode 9: She Wants Revenge [FX]

Lady Gaga American Horror Story She Wants Revenge

FX‘s American Horror Story She Wants Revenge TV Show Review. American Horror Story: Season 5, Episode 9: She Wants Revenge showed us it is not good to be on the bad side of The Countess (Lady Gaga). She made up her mind to clean house, after a quiet wedding and absolutely no honeymoon. Lady Gaga shined. No wonder she has been nominated for a Golden Globe.

All the promos hinted at Ramona Royale’s (Angela Bassett) revenge. Unfortunately, Ramona failed miserably at her murder attempt, but stole my heart with her family tale. She explained why it took so long for her to exact her revenge. She went home to her parents, in South Central Los Angeles, trying to escape her heartbreak and loneliness. It was so good to see Marla Gibbs (227) playing Mrs. Royale, even briefly. Ramona told a tale of more heartbreak than I could stand. Her father was suffering from Alzheimer’s.  He was beat up and robbed and she could not bear his suffering. She healed her father with her blood. His mind, however, never healed – “a diseased brain is not a broken bone.” She was “frozen in amber” with her father for twenty years, feeding him blood soup. She put him out of his misery – a tear-jerking scene. Henry G. Sanders (Selma, Rocky Balboa) played Mr. Royale, and he was brilliant.

Donovan (Matt Bomer) really needed the sense knocked into him. He was a peon, a dupe. He double-crossed Ramona for the chance to be back with The Countess. He is to round up her enemies. The tomb will have prisoners again. “We’re gonna hate watch” is one of Donovan’s silliest lines. He sounded brainwashed. Even The Countess called him a pale imitation of her true love, Rudolph Valentno (Finn Wittrock) who she tracked down and to whom she promised the world. Iris’ (Kathy Bates) slap to Donovan’s face was perfectly delivered, but of course, Donovan needed to realize his own insignificance. As he watched the Countess leave the arms of Valentino, I hope that his revelation helped him realize his mistake.

Speaking of Iris, boy, has she found her wings in her immortality as a self-righteous avenger of decency – a “Dirty Harriet” she called herself. She slaughtered a few pornographers like it was a chore. The music, her monologue made the whole scene comedic. (Goodness, this show has actually got me laughing out loud in the middle of a murder scene. I think I am officially desensitized).

While Iris has stayed under the radar, Liz Taylor (Denis O’Hare) has determined he no longer cares if he is on The Countess’ bad side. Liz practically spit in her face when The Countess asked him to order flowers for the wedding. Who could blame him for hating The Countess after she killed his true love? All love is lost. The way The Countess looked at Liz….Liz does not have long.

Meanwhile, Alex’s (Chloë Sevigny) experiment with her blood went horribly wrong, as we all knew it would. The vamp kids have become a confused little wolf pack openly killing the homeless and pizza delivery men, and The Countess knows. Yes, it is clearly time for The Countess to take inventory and clean house.

The Countess began with Ramona, locking her in the tomb. Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) quickly followed after the vows were exchanged. People tried to warn him. Mrs. Evers (Mare Winningham) made the strongest effort, creepy, but strong. “No one survives her.” Who will survive the purge that is surely coming?

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