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TV Review: BETTER CALL SAUL: Season 1, Episode 9: Pimento [AMC]

Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul

AMC‘s Better Call Saul Pimento TV Show Review. Better Call Saul: Season 1, Episode 9: Pimento, gives us another look at how Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) gets dogged out and has to pick up his pieces. Chuck (Michael McKean) wants his brother Jimmy to accept a harsh truth, but is it his truth or a case of jealousy? Mike (Jonathan Banks) lands a job where his ability to compete is questioned.

One of the things that really makes this show soar is the power in the fine details. When Jimmy and Chuck are sitting on the bench and Chuck’s guard is lowered, Jimmy is trying to show him something. He genuinely cares about his brother…so much that he has found ways to be creative with it. There is no malice in the simple gesture, no ulterior motives, just two brothers and one with a compulsive disorder. This scene and what follows is woven very carefully. The lining of the suit…Brilliant! Once again we see Jimmy’s wittiness at work. Anyone other than his brother could see this man is special and has a gift. So why can’t Chuck see it? He does a great job of pretending…but he doesn’t see it.

Mike is on a page all by himself. The scene in the parking garage is going down as a classic! Showing up on an escort job, without a weapon was risky enough. What we are quickly learning about Mike is this man always stays a few steps ahead of whomever he is dealing with. After selling himself by dispatching the two other wannabe escorts, he methodically proceeds to teach this new guy how to be a criminal. He also shows us he is no stranger to all the criminals that are out there. He is a complicated creature but very likable. I get the feeling Mike is only showing us a small taste of what he is capable of.

Getting Jimmy to agree to go to the HHM law firm was one thing, what happened when they sat with Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) took the game in a whole new direction. There is no question that Howard has zero taste for Jimmy, but him repping the firm and allowing that kind of money to walk away does raise an eyebrow. Jimmy could have taken the case to one of their competitors and got an office but that’s not what he really wanted. Sometimes the most basic element and part of our needs are just that…basic. Jimmy really wanted that office to be close to his brother, to have the feeling that they are working together. To him it wasn’t about a competition and never came across as such. Watching him get Chuck to admit to him that he was the one who has been holding him back from getting a job with the company was jaw dropping. I would have never guessed Chuck was on that page. He never left any signs. Then there is the rant he dropped on Jimmy before he departs. There was much in his reasoning but the most important to thing to take away is Chuck was jealous of his younger brother. Could it be something in Jimmy’s sway or the fact that it took Chuck years to do what Jimmy’s did in less time? One thing is certain, the damage is done and now Jimmy has another scar. What will happen to the relationship between these brothers? Since Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) asked Jimmy to take the deal, how will their friendship change by all of this? So many unanswered questions and only Jimmy can answer them. This is getting real good.

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