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TV Review: DOMINION: Season 1, Episode 6: Black Blue Eyes [Syfy]

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Syfys Dominion Black Blue Eyes TV Show Review. Dominion: Season 1, Episode 6: Black Blue Eyes kicks off with a hard shift in the right direction (a return to the dark).

Archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) and Alex Lannon (Christopher Egan) walk into a casino vault, but they aren’t there to make a deposit. Alex, determined to perform his first eviction, finds out the hard way that even a savior can sink an Eightball. Michael, whose behavior leaves much to be desired, makes a deal with his sister Uriel (Katrine De Candole). Her brief performance is very entertaining as she introduces another piece of the puzzle that is written all over Alex’s body. She also happens to have handy a book on how to perform evictions. These angels are just full of surprises. I bet in the next episode we will find out Uriel was also a librarian at some point.

Arika (Shivani Ghai) and General Risen (Alan Dale), have a heartwarming discussion that exposes The House of Helena in a way that could tip control toward Vega. There are so many secrets being exposed I hope they can keep them coming. Arika takes everything in stride after losing her hand to General Risen. The playing field is carefully being set up and at some point will boil over. For now, a compromise is structured that will keep the dramatic tale moving forward.

I always thought evictions were filled with drama and punctuated by a sense of impending doom. With Michael and Claire Risen (Roxanne McKee) as witnesses, Alex performs an eviction that explains the title of this episode. Unfortunately, this particular eviction without the spiritual edge falls a bit flat and we find out the real Clementine (Amy Bailey), doesn’t live here anymore. After seeing “The Exorcist” movie more than 50 times and leaving the theater with green slim on my shoes… I was hoping this scene would deliver some punch. Luckily the music was strong enough and pushes the scene to a close with a twist. Keep in mind, we are now 6 episodes in and Alex is supposed to be the reluctant hero in all of this. I’m still looking for a little more consistency in his characters development.

With all roads leading to the dark room, General Edward Risen and Senator David Whele (Anthony Stewart Head) deliver some very powerful performances. This scene truly is the goods as we watch each calculated move unfold with precision. After a solid exchange of words, both men leave us on the edge of our seats. In the end, David finds out he’s playing checkers while William has placed him in checkmate.

I wanted a good confrontation but I’m not sure this was what I was expecting. After delivering what could be seen as one of the best scenes of the series thus far, General Risen finds himself out of one bad situation and right back in the hot seat with Claire. After witnessing the eviction (with her mother) go south, Claire decides to take out her frustrations on her father. The move leaves us a bit baffled. I guess finding out the music box didn’t come from daddy pushed her over the edge. General Risen isn’t the only one keeping secrets and after all…ole Blue Eyes was his wife. You would think she would understand this after witnessing her excitement while briefly reuniting with her mother. Unfortunately, she doesn’t and she makes a decision that appears to line her motivations up with Senator Whele.

Like father like son…right? In a very moving scene between William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale) and Senator David Whele, his father, young William exposes himself as a traitor and pulls the dry gulch move of the year. David had been hoping his son would become every bit the evil he is. Imagine his surprise getting pistol whipped after getting out maneuvered by General Risen. David isn’t having a very good day, but chin up… young William is still determined to show his father the light. This could have crushing results.

After delivering a power move to her father that would appear to be well beyond her character, Claire returns to the vault to finalize matters with her mother. Alex stands silent, still off balance over the sour eviction incident. What happens next could be considered as Claire’s baptism into the dark abyss. Nothing in Claire’s make up justifies her evolving so quickly into this new monster. I was also surprised Alex was unaffected by her actions as he watched in silence. One thing is for sure; Claire has a killer humming voice.

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