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TV Review: DOMINION: Season 2, Episode 3: The Narrow Gate [Syfy]

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Syfy’s Dominion The Narrow Gate TV Show Review. Dominion: Season 2, Episode 3: The Narrow Gate, Places Alex (Christopher Egan) and Michael (Tom Wisdom) in a position where they must make hard choices. Alex goes into the asylum to retrieve a key, while Michael makes a sacrifice.

The dance between Alex and Julian (Simon Merrells) continues to be a strained one. Alex has still not shown the urgency for what he tells Julian he wants. The motivation is simply not there. Agreeing to go into the crazy house after a key, was interesting but was set up very cheesy. Running into Edward Risen (Alan Dale) was an interesting play. We are still looking at hovering question marks for his behavior. The coughing makes it clear he is not well. Unless he has a virus that can wipe out the whole town of Vega, his recent actions seem to be a tad too much. Or all of this was just a simple setup to put Claire (Roxxanne McKee) in charge. I really expected him to have much more to say about Claire. After all, he left his daughter in charge of a city that was being attacked and was engulfed in turmoil. I wasn’t convinced he was even that concerned. Mankind is facing extinction if these fallen angels are successful and none of the players are stepping up to the emotional level to tell the audience…we could be wiped out and are very concerned.

Speaking of Claire, she had another interesting episode as well. It has become clear that the writers want to portray Claire as a strong female lead. The problem here is you cannot simply tell an audience this…you have to show it. We need to see and believe her descent into this new dark character. I am not sold. She has gone from the clean friendly gal you bring home to meet your parents – to a deranged ego-tripping leader. Shooting one of the soldiers in the leg? For a moment I thought this was a war film from the 80’s. When did Claire become comfortable holding a gun and shooting people? It wasn’t that long ago we saw her in a tussle with Zoe (Christina Chong) that resembled a tussle on an elementary playground. Now she is shooting her men in the leg and acting tough? Character accountability in is flagrant violation here. I’m not sure what to think about the direction for where the show is taking Claire. For right now, they are not taking her serious. Even her wardrobe looks like she is headed to the mall. She is too clean and is dressing too stylish while the apocalypse is taking place outside the window. On top of all of these issues…now it appears the gal who is in love with Alex…may be falling for Gates Foley (Nic Bishop). A guy who has been making things happen in town…but we haven’t seen or heard from him before. This relationship, if it’s headed there, is forced. He doesn’t put out the chemistry that is suggested. Claire eyes him while listening to him speak and looks likes she is turned on or flirting. Why? Is it a father figure thing? At this point…we cannot be sure but it’s not working.

Michael has done some very odd things as of late. The walk down memory isle and setup to the back-story between him and Julian (Simon Merrells) is too self-explanatory. Spoon-feeding the audience takes away all and any mystery about these angels. The behavior is what I would expect of normal everyday folks…minus the British accents. The level of his involvement is baffling. He would know if God were in this town long before now. Considering God decided to just leave, why isn’t he working harder to find him or an answer? He says it, but we don’t see it in his motivation or behavior. He comes from a place beyond earth…so he should know whatever is behind the fire stack…is not God. This is more a writing issue than problem with performance. Tom Wisdom is a decent actor, the writing and direction is not on point. One can only follow direction and the written script. Hopefully both will get stronger.

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