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TV Review: FARGO: Season 1, Episode 5: The Six Ungraspables [FX]

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FX’s Fargo The Six Ungraspables TV Show ReviewFargo: Season 1, Episode 5: The Six Ungraspables finally gets that pesky buckshot out of Lester’s deeply infected hand. As one who winced and gagged every time the hand was visible, this is easily the best news to report from The Six Ungraspables.

We are officially at the halfway mark of Fargo’s run, which means we are officially over the hump. After a gripping premiere bursting with excitement, the series has settled down and gone for smaller moments with a patient pace. It’s been terrific, but it’s reached a point where we are ready for things to start ramping up once again. All of the individual stories – Molly’s pursuit of Lester, Lorne’s blackmail of Stavros, Mr. Numbers’ and Mr. Wrench’s pursuit of Sam Hess’ killer, Officer Grimly’s pursuit of Lorne – have all reached a tipping point right at the same moment here. With any luck, some of these stories will begin wrapping up and/or overlapping in the coming weeks, causing an avalanche of drama and intrigue.

As usual, the performances across the board are Emmy-worthy. I’m happy to see Colin Hanks becoming more involved in the show, as he and an odd neighbor provide one of the best scenes of the episode. One minor detraction in this episode is Lorne’s dialogue, which is usually crisp, eerie, and darkly funny. In one scene, Lorne tells a crude story to Stavros about a dog in heat. Fargo has done some amazing work at taking odd, out-of-place stories and making them feel thematically necessary, but this monologue is simply bizarre. Definitely not one of the more impressive speeches of the series run.

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